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  1. 45, 278 - We're trying our best. Given the damage done by austerity and everything else, I'm hoping people see sense and vote the current Conservative government out. Their policies are literally killing people
  2. 45, 276 - I went and voted on my way to the library Then I did the shortest library shift ever (a whole half an hour) as the local primary school have taken over the room for the day. They've put up scenery etc to learn about the Nativity story. The manger is in the non-fiction section, so apparently Jesus will be born surrounded by arts and crafts books
  3. 45, 272 - I like that there are so many editions - they've recently made two versions for a city and a town local to me I also have the edition featuring my favourite football team - and several of the Star Wars editions of course
  4. Rest in Peace Marie Fredriksson. Roxette songs were always on the radio when I was growing up, part of the soundtrack of my childhood. She was just 61 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-50730052
  5. 45, 270 - I won the Monopoly game We were playing the Lord of the Rings edition - and Dad kept getting sent to jail
  6. 45, 268 - Cold counting - we had a power cut for over 3 and a half hours this afternoon Luckily Dad and I have plenty of torches and lamps and we got a game of Monopoly going. But we weren't able to cook a proper dinner. Sandwiches aren't very good for keeping you warm I hope you feel better soon @caz63 If it's a cold, chicken soup and cups of tea work for me. I hope it's not flu as that's horrible.
  7. 45, 265 - It's a monthly group at a local community cafe. We take our favourite CDs and vinyl along - or you can play songs from your smartphone/tablet/other device. The idea is that we share our favourite music with each other and explore different genres and eras of music. And there's always a quiz to stretch our brains. I really like it - and some of the older members have amazing stories about shows they've been to and people they've met. The guy who runs it also runs an independent record label so we get to know about local concerts before anyone else
  8. 45, 263 - Late night counting now that I'm home from record club. I took the fan club CD set and played one track from each disc. I also did surprisingly well on the quiz, which was themed around cover songs - I think 30 points is a new record for me And I discovered some new tracks and artists that I shall look up in the next few days.
  9. 45, 261 - Relieved counting. Glad I got my Dad to cover for me at the library today. They had a Christmas fair on and I'm not sure I could have coped with that many people Also, guess what was on the playlist of said Christmas fair? Dad is now out of Whamaggedon I'm still in for now - and I think some of the shops in the town centre are trying to help those of us who are playing. One cafe was sticking safely to 1970s Christmas tunes and several others are just playing normal music
  10. 45, 260 - Counting on a cold and foggy morning - it's so foggy, it looks like the most of the rest of my street has disappeared
  11. 45, 258 - I wouldn't be able to cope with the same songs on repeat. Especially as there's not many Christmas songs I actually like. At least I don't have to worry about that at the library
  12. 45, 256 - One of my Twitter friends is out already too. I made it safely through day 1 Although if anything does get me, it'll probably be Spotify ads. As a precautionary measure, I'm taking off my headphones when it reaches the ad breaks as turning the volume down doesn't totally work. Seriously considering wearing headphones on my next trip up town, or would that be considered cheating? I swear all the shops have the same playlist at this time of year and it does my head in. Apart from HMV. The bloke in there promised me they will stay free of Christmas songs to save everyone's sanity.
  13. 45,250 - I just passed the 50,000 words mark on my novel draft - which means I've won NaNoWriMo for this year Now I just need to try and catch up on my library book pile
  14. I reached the 50,000 words mark in my NaNoWriMo novel The story itself is probably only about halfway through, but I've completed the challenge. Always good when I manage that.
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