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  1. 45, 184 - Night-time counting. I spent most of today making a playlist for the characters in my new story. Hopefully it'll help get me into the right mental space for writing about them
  2. 45, 183 - I think the jail sentences are ridiculous. It'll just make the Catalans even angrier - and more determined to break away. Spain may not like it, but they need to respect their autonomous regions. Of course, losing Barcelona would be a massive hit for the Spanish economy - which is probably why their government is terrified.
  3. I received a parcel of trading cards in this morning's post. It means I have finally completed a huge 2-part set. It has taken 2 years to find all 400+ cards!
  4. 45, 181 - Counting while I plan my latest story. I'm also glad to see the Bulgarian government are getting involved after last night's horrible treatment of England's black players during our Euro 2020 qualifier. But you have to ask why they even let these so-called "fans" into the ground - some of them were openly wearing tops declaring themselves to be hooligans etc. Surely they shouldn't have been allowed in to start with? I can't believe we're still having to talk about this stuff in 2019
  5. 45, 179 - Sunday counting. It'll be a bumper F1 highlights programme as they had to run both qualifying and the race today due to the typhoon.
  6. 45, 177 - Cold here. Although at least it's not as bad as the weather in Japan - there's a super-typhoon on the way! They've had to cancel England's Rugby World Cup match and it may also affect the Formula 1 racing. I just hope everyone stays safe.
  7. 45, 175 - Counting while I listen to 'Wild Horses'. One of my favourite U2 songs.
  8. 45, 174 - No hooligans in the library today, just the parent and toddler group. I can cope with them
  9. 45, 173 - Congratulations on the flat @peterferris8
  10. Given what we've seen and heard in the trailer for Episode 9, the Emperor might not be as dead as we thought he was They're definitely looking at Death Star wreckage in one scene, although it doesn't look like that wreckage is on Endor, which is a puzzle. Unless Endor underwent some radical environmental changes in the past 30 years...
  11. To be fair, Bayern wallop a lot of teams. Call it a learning experience
  12. From yesterday: I was having lunch with my dad in a local community cafe when a woman came in. I looked at her and thought "I recognise her..." and then she spoke and it clicked... It was our former next-door neighbour who we hadn't seen for about 15 years!! She recognised us and came over and sat at our table. We had a really good catch-up chat over lunch and a cuppa. I see her son around town sometimes, but hadn't seen her literally since she moved away from our street. It felt lovely to reconnect.
  13. 45, 171 - I know. Sadly there are some young people who think the library is a youth club or street corner. They don't realise it's meant to be a quiet, safe space where people can have some peace and calm. The one lad was riding his mountain bike around the room! He nearly knocked over a lady with a baby in a pram and didn't even apologise to her I'm surprised I got through the whole incident without swearing at any of them.
  14. 45, 169 - Cold evening counting. We had to get the police in at the library today. Threw some teens out that were causing trouble and they responded by trying to smash our windows Luckily we got photos of them on people's smartphones
  15. 45, 168 - We've got flooding in some areas near me. I will never understand why news programmes make the weather reporters go and stand outside in hurling rain - just so they can report that it's raining...
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