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  1. Today started badly with my friend telling me she cannot come to Twickenham with me to see U2. But now I have been able to arrange for another of my FB friends - who I know through the U2 Friends group - to have the ticket, so that makes me feel much better
  2. 39, 680 - Feeling more cheerful now that I have a possible taker for my spare London ticket It's a shame that my friend can't go now, but it looks like I will be able to help another U2 Friend to get there instead.
  3. 39, 679 - And a great weekend to you too Pain Mine will be full of Formula 1 cars
  4. 39, 673 - Early afternoon counting between F1 practice sessions. And I've literally just out found that my planned gig buddy cannot now come to London with me
  5. 39, 662 - Very late night counting. Adding another number at ten past midnight.
  6. 39, 656 - Counting while rocking out to my JT30 tour playlist. Still hoping that London might get
  7. 39, 647 - Counting in the early evening sunshine. It's cooled down a bit today - we even had a light drizzle of rain earlier! Still no thunderstorm though...
  8. 39, 638 - Early morning counting. It's cooled down a bit overnight, but I was still awake at about 3am
  9. 39, 633 - Just POP-ping in to add another number
  10. 39, 611 - New Year's Day and Two Hearts Beat As One. I do have a record player - although it's older than I am and I don't trust it! But my mum has a modern one which can convert vinyl to MP3/CDs etc and is much better.
  11. 39, 605 - I take it things didn't go well? Sorry to hear that
  12. 39, 603 - Adding another number before I attempt to get to sleep in silly temperatures.
  13. I found (and bought) the vinyl singles of Two Hearts Beat As One and New Year's Day while out browsing round some shops today Always amuses me that releases from this era are older than I am I shall look after them as well as I can.
  14. 39, 602 - Evening counting as it's starting to cool down. My eye appointment wasn't as bad as I thought - and then I found 2 U2 vinyl singles while we were out I found and
  15. 39, 589 - Our local football club recorded at least 29 degrees today - I struggle even when it's 25 degrees Hopefully we might get some thunderstorms in the next couple of days to cool things down.