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  1. I've been watching some of the matches. It's on the BBC over here and even my dad's been getting into it. It's great to see women's sport being given more attention by the mainstream channels.
  2. We just had a visit from my nephew and his little son. There's a complicated situation between my nephew and his ex, so we haven't seen my great-nephew since last year. He's one and a half now and thoroughly adorable. He was toddling about, exploring our house and singing a made-up song to himself The downside is that we don't know how long my nephew will have access/visits with him, but it was nice to have this visit.
  3. 44, 986 - We could do with some sun here. My local area has had 3 months' worth of rain in a week and now there's flooding everywhere
  4. I got let off a library fine today. I had a book that was due back on Monday, but I explained to the librarian that I had been away - and had *tried* to renew it, but it hadn't worked. She checked the book out as a new loan and waived the 50p fine
  5. 44, 978 - I went to Spain Explored the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias - we drove through some very picturesque areas, although Bilbao is a nightmare to navigate when you've never been there before and don't have sat-nav. I swear it took two hours of going in circles until we found the hostel and parking!
  6. 44, 975 - Getting back into the counting now that I'm back from holiday. I managed quite well language-wise - it definitely helps in terms of making friends with hotel/restaurant staff if they can see you're making the effort. And I was only sick once on the ferry. I'd been nervous about that as I'd never sailed before, but it was a very pleasant way to travel
  7. 44, 960 - Well, when people of other nationalities speak English, we can usually recognise where they're from by their accent, so presumably it works the opposite way too "Oh look, it's an English person trying to speak German..." At least we make the effort
  8. 44, 958 - Excited and nervous counting - nearly holiday time and I'm terrified we'll forget something. Or that we'll get there and my brain will go blank language-wise
  9. 44, 956 - Late-night counting and the accommodation is sorted. This is where decent language skills really pay off
  10. 44, 955 - Saturday counting while I listen to the F1 qualifying session. Also trying to finalise accommodation for the first part of our holiday - it's looking like it may be a case of turn up and wing it for the first couple of days
  11. 44, 954 - My assignment is nearly done. And I remembered to vote.
  12. 44, 952 - Morning counting while I work on my commentary. Halfway to the word-limit already so it's looking good. I must also remember to go out and vote at some point
  13. 44, 948 - Sadly not - I've started again and am rewriting the whole story I now have just under 1,000 words, but hopefully will reach 4,000 by the end of today. Then I just have to write the commentary tomorrow. At least all these revisions are giving me plenty to write about for that aspect
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