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  1. 40, 344 - Post-football counting - and both local teams won today!
  2. 40, 342 - Afternoon counting. I spent this morning trying to find a new backpack for my writing stuff, but I can't find a suitable one anywhere so far
  3. I've just finished a Humanities degree, done via distance learning with the Open University. At the start, I didn't know if I could cope - I've battled mental health problems since I was a teenager and didn't even complete my A Levels. Completing each module has been an achievement in itself and the confidence I've gained has been life-changing. No-one else in my family has done a degree before and the support has been amazing. Each time course materials arrived, I ended up having a little opening ceremony for my Dad, my sister or whoever else was there at the time so they could see my books and get an idea of what I've been studying. The most enjoyable have been the Latin and Classical Greek modules - I love learning languages and especially like looking at historical languages to see how they evolved into some of the modern ones we use today. My tutors for the various modules have also been really supportive and encouraging, as have the members of the module groups on Facebook. At secondary school and sixth form college, I was bullied horrendously, which was part of why I dropped out. I felt like a total misfit. Coming back into education as an adult has been so much better, being able to go to tutorials with people of all ages and backgrounds, knowing that there would be no bullying this time round... I have been able to rediscover why I love learning and that, to me, is priceless. I'm now getting ready to start a Creative Writing course in October and I'm really excited.
  4. 40, 334 - Let's hope so Hestia - things certainly need to improve over there. There is no room for racism in the 21st century, in the US or anywhere.
  5. 40, 331 - Rainy, post-dinner evening counting.
  6. 40, 329 - Nowhere near - one of our regulars is into her 90s! Maybe books are the elixir of life
  7. 40, 323 - Libraries are great. Bookshops are nice, but can be expensive. Borrowing from a library doesn't cost a thing Unless the book is overdue, of course. Although at our library, we tend to waive the overdue fees if the reader is elderly. It would be mean to penalise them for being a slow reader or not being able to go and renew it.
  8. 40, 317 - Back from my afternoon at the library. I also visited a different local library this morning and borrowed 4 books - including a Star Wars one that I've been trying to find for AGES!
  9. 40, 311 - Got the gardening done just in time - it's now raining!
  10. 40, 308 - Counting on a nice sunny morning
  11. 40, 302 - Thank you. I rely on trades with others as this particular card collection is not currently available in the UK. As for the writing, I will be starting a university course in October which will hopefully help me improve - and hopefully it will also provide guidance on taking steps towards potential publication.
  12. 40, 293 - We are so good at counting, I think we ought to have medals. It's been a good morning for me - I received another trading card and now have a mini-rainbow of one of my favourite characters
  13. 40, 291 - I write rather than draw or paint. I do the odd sketch from time to time and am looking to improve, but I'm mostly focused on writing
  14. 40, 288 - Counting on a dreary wet evening. I may even have to put the heating on! More art is always welcome on this thread
  15. 40, 285 - Rainy start to the week, but at least I can rely on the counting thread