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  1. 45, 123 - Very warm here too. Some parts of the UK might break our August Bank Holiday temperature record Very glad we got the shopping done early while it was cooler.
  2. 45, 121 - Morning counting while listening to 'Song for Someone'. I swear Spotify knows to shuffle onto a U2 song when I log in here
  3. 45, 120 - And Brazil's president won't admit that his policies are part of the problem. He sacked their science minister for publicly stating the deforestation was getting worse under his government - which is clearly a true, factual statement. But Bolsonaro doesn't want to hear ugly truths... one worries where this is all going to end. And that's before we think of all the wildlife being lost, the trees and plants... the indigenous people being displaced... it's a horrible mess
  4. 45, 117 - Cheerful counting after a really good day. Got recognised at the library by someone I haven't seen for nearly 25 years - since primary school... amazing how you remember people after so long.
  5. You find U2 (and F1 drivers) in the strangest places My good thing for today happened at the library. I was there, just doing my usual thing, tidying up the children's section. A group of 3 people came in - and one of them recognised me. I didn't immediately know who he was, then he told me his name and I realised - he'd been a classmate of mine in primary school! It's got to be nearly 25 years since we last saw each other, but somehow he still remembered and recognised me. And yes, I was just as much of a bookworm back then. I also found 4 T-shirts this morning while browsing round some local charity shops. I was trying to find a pair of shoes and had no luck at all with those, but the T-shirts included 2 Star Wars, 1 Lord of the Rings and a Rafa Nadal one. Couldn't let them just sit there
  6. While I was out today, I found two very rare Funko Pops that I never thought I'd find here in the UK. The shop is one I've walked past several times and noted 'Ooh look, they do Funkos' - but I'd never actually been inside before today. There must be hundreds of Funkos in there - including Bill and Ted! I didn't have enough on me to buy both, but the lady would only sell them as a pair. I asked if she'd wait for me to go to the bank and come back - no problem. I went and got the money I needed - it wasn't a huge amount; £30 for the pair is *very* good considering it's over £20 for one on Amazon. They are so rare, she almost didn't want to sell them as they're the only Bill and Teds she'd ever found. But I assured her they're going to a very loving home. And I did a little air guitar right there in the shop Seriously. I was skipping down the street, I was so happy. Never thought I'd find one of these, let alone the pair. Made my day.
  7. 45, 115 - Back to the counting after having had no internet for 3 days over the weekend Funnily enough, I went to another local library today. I took out 3 books - don't you just love it when you find the newest one from a favourite author?
  8. 45, 109 - Except when I have to take them back Although if it's a particularly good book, I can always try and find my own copy to buy. I feel lucky to live in an area where there are so many libraries within reachable distance. Some of them even let me take out more books than I'm supposed to
  9. 45, 107 - Counting while I try and finish another library book. I really should stop taking them out 4 at a time
  10. There is a photo of me and my sisters from about 1987/88 or so. It has to be around that time as I'm only about 3 or 4 in the picture. They were in their mid-late teens and their outfits and hair are hilarious. Feathers in the hair, terrible perms, outlandish make-up and all sorts. Mum used to threaten them that she was going to put it on Facebook for a laugh. They didn't believe her... so one day Mum scanned it in and shared it with everyone
  11. It is important to try and eat properly when you can. I was sick once from not eating enough - it was horrible. On a happier note, my CD arrived today. I was surprised when I scanned it into the computer and Media Player actually had the track information - I thought I'd have to type it all in myself. Even though I'm only probably going to keep the Aleka's Attic song. The lyric book has photos, which is helpful as I've never heard of some of the other artists involved - and some of the fashions in said photos... well, let's just say they're typical late 80s/early 90s
  12. 45, 106 - How naughty of us... Here's another number to make up for it.
  13. Thank you. She's on holiday at the moment and I hope the relaxation will be good for her. My good thing was that this week, after 8 MONTHS of being scared by it, I finally filled in the referral form my doctor gave me to apply for a mental health assessment. I sent it off at the start of the week and have already received a reply from the support centre. There is a waiting list, but at least I am now *on* the list after putting it off for so long. Hopefully I will be able to find some answers and get the help I realise I need. And this evening, I was able to order a rare CD from Amazon for just over £3. It's a charity compilation CD from the early 90s that features a song by River Phoenix's band Aleka's Attic. I didn't think I'd be able to find it on the UK Amazon, let alone at such a low price.
  14. 45, 104 - Sunday night-time counting. I started reading another one of my library books today and I'm already halfway through it. It's good so far
  15. 45, 102 - I hope the appointment goes well @caz63 It's nearly dinner time for me
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