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  1. I received a parcel of trading cards today from a friend in America. The Star Wars 'Resistance' set isn't available in the UK so they bought some extra boxes and I paid for the ones I wanted sent over.

    There are hardly any swaps, so I reckon I've got about half the set already, or maybe more. And one of the mini-folders has my favourite character on it :)

  2. I hate to have to be posting in this thread again so soon. The Grim Reaper really does need to take a break :(

    Rest in peace Niki Lauda. And thank you for contributing so much to Formula 1. Your bravery, honesty and immense talent will be remembered forever. As will your telling the priest to " **** off " when you were given last rites after the Nurburgring crash :lol: You say that made you more determined to live - and we're grateful that you did. 

    At least now you'll get to see James again. 

  3. 47 minutes ago, doctornickriviera said:

    Tottenham Hotspur comeback in the Champions League semi

    I listened to the second half of that match - wow. I thought the Liverpool game was crazy, then for Spurs to do that... couldn't believe it. I don't know who I want to win the final now - they both deserve it after those matches!

  4. 6 hours ago, Manohlive said:

    I came in here to post something about him.  I remember being in the theater watching the first Star Wars movie.  I was a little boy.  Chewbaca looked so big yet I felt like he'd let me touch his hair once the bad guys were gone.  Pad-You are a huge Star Wars fan, I've noticed.  I don't know what you may or may not be feeling.  I thought of you when I realized this man has gone to heaven.  😊

    Such a big Star Wars fan that it's where my username comes from - Padawan is the in-universe term for a Jedi Apprentice in the prequel films :)

    Watching the original trilogy last night was emotional. Also, several social media sites have been posting out-takes from the making of the original films - in order that the other actors could understand what Chewbacca was saying, Peter Mayhew would speak his lines in English during filming, then the Wookiee sounds were added later. I've never seen these out-takes before and it's fascinating (and funny) to hear the "translations" of exactly what Chewbacca is saying.  

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  5. 44, 920 - Sad counting in Wookiee howls :( 

    And yes, @Malahide Brexit did come into it. Also the fact people are sick of Conservative austerity policies - they keep saying they need to cut public spending, but there's nothing left to cut! And funnily enough, while us ordinary people are struggling, the politicians keep voting to give themselves pay rises :angry: The fact that food banks are even needed in the 21st century... sadly that says everything about the mess we're in. 

  6. *Mournful Wookiee howling*

    Rest in Peace Peter Mayhew. Such sad news to wake up to this morning. Thank you for making Chewbacca so memorable - and thank you for always having time for your fans, right up to the end. A number of my fellow trading card collectors were at Star Wars Celebration last month, talking to you, getting autographs and selfies. It's hard to accept that, only weeks later, you're gone.

    Give Carrie and Kenny a big Wookiee hug when you see them.

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  7. 44, 918 - Late-night counting. And the election officials will be doing even *more* counting :lol:

    The library being a polling station meant the schoolkids mostly behaved today. Some of them were even interested to understand what was going on. There's hope for them yet :)