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  1. 45, 179 - Sunday counting. It'll be a bumper F1 highlights programme as they had to run both qualifying and the race today due to the typhoon.
  2. 45, 177 - Cold here. Although at least it's not as bad as the weather in Japan - there's a super-typhoon on the way! They've had to cancel England's Rugby World Cup match and it may also affect the Formula 1 racing. I just hope everyone stays safe.
  3. 45, 175 - Counting while I listen to 'Wild Horses'. One of my favourite U2 songs.
  4. 45, 174 - No hooligans in the library today, just the parent and toddler group. I can cope with them
  5. 45, 173 - Congratulations on the flat @peterferris8
  6. Given what we've seen and heard in the trailer for Episode 9, the Emperor might not be as dead as we thought he was They're definitely looking at Death Star wreckage in one scene, although it doesn't look like that wreckage is on Endor, which is a puzzle. Unless Endor underwent some radical environmental changes in the past 30 years...
  7. To be fair, Bayern wallop a lot of teams. Call it a learning experience
  8. From yesterday: I was having lunch with my dad in a local community cafe when a woman came in. I looked at her and thought "I recognise her..." and then she spoke and it clicked... It was our former next-door neighbour who we hadn't seen for about 15 years!! She recognised us and came over and sat at our table. We had a really good catch-up chat over lunch and a cuppa. I see her son around town sometimes, but hadn't seen her literally since she moved away from our street. It felt lovely to reconnect.
  9. 45, 171 - I know. Sadly there are some young people who think the library is a youth club or street corner. They don't realise it's meant to be a quiet, safe space where people can have some peace and calm. The one lad was riding his mountain bike around the room! He nearly knocked over a lady with a baby in a pram and didn't even apologise to her I'm surprised I got through the whole incident without swearing at any of them.
  10. 45, 169 - Cold evening counting. We had to get the police in at the library today. Threw some teens out that were causing trouble and they responded by trying to smash our windows Luckily we got photos of them on people's smartphones
  11. 45, 168 - We've got flooding in some areas near me. I will never understand why news programmes make the weather reporters go and stand outside in hurling rain - just so they can report that it's raining...
  12. From yesterday, but didn't have time to post last night. My dad and I went to an independent cinema in our county for a screening of 'Sneakers'. I'd not seen it before, but it was good. Surprisingly funny for a spy/heist-type thriller. Given that it's from 1992, the computers look rather ancient and basic now, but it's still an interesting film. And the cinema was really nice: you can have drinks and snacks and take them with you into the seating area. I tried to be as quiet as possible eating my crisps - I was practically eating them in slow motion The other good thing about it is that the cinema runs a library scheme where you can borrow from a range of DVDs, BluRays and film-related books. I borrowed a book on the making of Blade Runner that I've been wanting to read for ages but haven't been able to find anywhere else.
  13. 45, 166 - Wednesday counting. Using my spare day to catch up on my reading.
  14. 45, 165 - I've been counting trading cards today. I've finally been getting a huge 400-odd card set organised into a folder - and have found I still need 5 more 9-card pages. I've used at least 60 pages already At least I'm remembering to leave space for missing cards. I do *not* fancy having to rearrange this lot again in future
  15. 45, 164 - Sporty lunchtime counting as I listen to the F1 commentary.
  16. I found some interesting books at a nearby library today - including Carlos Santana's autobiography. Looking forward to reading that. I also found 3 more books in charity shops which I've been looking for so I can continue reading their respective series.
  17. 45, 163 - I dodged most of the rain while I was at the library - and I finally got the huge book pile sorted
  18. 45, 161 - Late-night counting. Back to sorting library books tomorrow 📚
  19. I was finally able to order some Star Wars trading cards that came out in the US about 3 weeks ago. We normally get them a week after the States, but for some reason there was a delay with this set. We'd began to worry it wouldn't be made available over here, but they were put on sale at lunchtime. Now I just need to get a new folder and some 9-card pages to put them in. They were also slightly cheaper than previous boxes
  20. 45, 159 - I'm wearing my Discotheque T-shirt to celebrate. Although it's quite cold, so I've also put on my War hoodie for good measure The mind boggles to think what music would look like if U2 didn't exist.
  21. I'm starting to ponder which one to wear tomorrow. I have several. Although taking the photo might be awkward as I don't have a mobile/smartphone. But I will wear my U2 shirt with pride.
  22. I went to the library today to return a book. It is a day late, but they didn't fine me. I'm not complaining. Maybe there's a 24-hour grace period? Who knows? But it saved me the huge sum of.... 20p
  23. 45, 157 - I sometimes wish I could cordon it off and not let anyone in until I've finished sorting
  24. 45, 155 - I spent half my time today spotting which ones hadn't gone back in the right spot - and that's just in the Adult and Teenage Fiction sections. I haven't got round to checking Non-Fiction yet There is still a lot to do. Officially, the library does not reopen until Monday, but of course it has to be ready. And now that the books are back on shelves, some people are coming in and borrowing already.
  25. 45, 153 - Tired counting. My morning at the library turned into an all-day shift as it took that long to put all the books back properly. And I still have to find space for the books that were returned while we were closed...
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