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  1. And I completely missed this one! Grump. OK. Deep breath, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I missed it because I was watching my daughter's hockey team win a really well-played, close game. But looking at the set list - can they keep Gloria around? I love that one. Love, hugs and peace to all!
  2. They have started arriving in NYC - mine was waiting for me at the Post Office on Wednesday.
  3. The view of the screen was great, but the e-stage was a little tough to see at that distance.
  4. Short answer - yes. I was behind the stage at Madison Square Garden. The view from my seat when they were on the Main Stage was spectacular.
  5. If only the Dublin shows weren't in the middle of my daughter's hockey season. I'd move heaven and earth to be there.
  6. I did the same thing. GA with my family at Nassau Coliseum and behind the stage by myself for MSG3. Both were fantastic evenings and very different experiences. ENJOY YOURSELF!!! And to all on the GA line today - stay in the shade (if you can) and stay hydrated!!!!
  7. What a night! I am so glad I listened to the advice given here! I picked up a last minute single behind the stage and had a magnificent time. When I went three weeks ago, I was with my family. It was a night to share with loved ones and to reflect on my relationship with my teenager, through the lens of U2s music. Last night was a night to relish in the music itself. Summer in the City of Blinding Lights.
  8. Sooooo. I took the advice and picked up a single behind the stage. Yea me!!!
  9. So I should really keep my eyes open for Sunday? I was at the Nassau Coliseum show with my family and had a fantastic evening. My husband is taking our daughter to camp this weekend and I was thinking about going to the show at MSG by myself on Sunday night. Hmm.
  10. Is it even worth asking? Can this be released as a U2.com Subscriber's Special? Yeah, I know, there are going to be copyright/ownership/royalty issues between SiriusXM & the band, but can't they work it out? Please? For those of us who couldn't get the golden (blue) tickets?
  11. @504jumper - thank you for this advice! My daughter & I were on the rail on the other side of the catwalk, because of it. The show was fantastic! We were between Edge & Adam for Cedarwood Road. I'm only 5'2 (my daughter's 5'7"), so seeing Edge when he was on the main stage was tough, but a minor quibble, all things considered. Particularly since we had an absolutely clear sightline to Adam when they were on that stage and barely had to lean over the rail to see Larry & Bono. No, we couldn't see the screen, and to be honest, I didn't really care. My husband wanted to see the screen, so he stayed back, along the RedZone rail, but at 6'1", he was able to see over people's heads to see the stage, which I can't do.
  12. It will be the same at Nassau Coliseum. That show is on a Saturday, which means that most people don't have to go to work, but people have lives. I do not have the time or resources to follow them around or honestly, to spend two days dealing with GA lineups and check-ins. My daughter (who is coming with me) has a softball game that morning, so we will not get to the venue until late afternoon. We will take what we can get, but I'm 5'2" (she's 5'7") and I will be looking at the back of other people's backs. I would have gotten real seats, but the prices for those were unrealistic - I could deal with $100 GA, but not $300+ nosebleed seats. Put me on the list of those who think Springsteen's system is far better.
  13. Thank you for the recommendations, particularly a bookstore! I'm not going to see U2 in Dublin for this tour - I'm seeing them in NY, then my family is heading to Ireland for a vacation (I'm turning 50 this summer and what I really wanted for my birthday was a family vacation). A few days in Dublin, then off to the West Coast - Galway & the Aran Islands (other suggestions are very welcome!) I would love to see the boys playing in Dublin, but those little issues called "the school year" and "hockey season" will get in the way.
  14. Mostly fair points, particularly about TM's monopoly practices. That said, for the original on-sale, Ticketmaster doesn't set the prices. Live Nation, as the band's management company does, with the approval of the band - however that approval is called for under their Management Agreement. It's the band that is pricing the tickets at below-market value. I agree with you that the Verified Fan system does nothing beyond creating an additional hurdle for buyers while doing little or nothing to prevent scalping. Harry Potter Play tickets were sold under the VF system and are all over StubHub (as are Springsteen on Broadway tickets). If they were serious about preventing scalping, those tickets would all be cancelled.
  15. You aren't the only one. No sign of anything and I'm in NYC.
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