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  1. I finished work this morning at 6am GMT after a 60 hour week of fork lift driving. I walked 3.2 miles home, got changed and then went for a run while listening to my favourite band. Slept for 6 hours, checked my weekly donations to NSPCC, RED, WWF had gone through ok then came here to read the comments from certain U2 fans complaining. I don't swear on websites to make a point but if I did, today, it would be spectacular.
  2. It would be nice to have a new U2 album right now. That is what our society has got used to, it's all about what "I" want, immediately. When was the last time you gave? I really enjoy U2's music but if your life revolves around hanging about for a new album from a (superb) rock band then you may have more pressing issues to address.
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