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  1. Hi all, I am a huge U2 fan since the early 80ies yet a silent one so far. But their music has always been with me, through childhood, adolescence, University, in great loves and in breakups, while travelling around, at work....now my 5 year-old daughter is already a fan, too. I ve read this thread carefully. All I have to say is that these guys have produced a huge discography during decades, and we are talking about a discography that is greater than any other in this period of time, their sound, their lyrics, the whole package (this is my personal view of course). Other bands have come and gone, U2’s music is still in my IPod. For me they have done a great job and I' d rather wait a year or two (or more) than having them release something under pressure. Invincible is a fantastic new song and its release and promotion was amazing too. To sum up, they do not need to prove anything, they've done so long ago; this album would be more like a bonus.
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