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  1. What was the point of me signing up as a fan club member for presale when O2 have an hour head start over the fan club? I'm an O2 Customer. what a waste of money ... oh and my gift still hasn't arrived
  2. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    Still no sign of mine
  3. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    I work for Royal Mail (in one of the biggest Mail Centres) and the slowest service we offer is second class and officially that is delivered within 3 days ... often its advanced to 2 days. It's highly doubtful that all of us dotted around the UK would have all of our items delayed within the system. Highly doubtful. Also we are not currently experiencing any real backlog of mail. Black Friday was busy but we resourced to manage it. Currently Christmas Cards are busy but yet again we're pretty much on top. Why I keep getting emails advising me to wait 7-10 days for delivery is beyond me.
  4. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    Still not received mine ... ... very very unhappy .... by pre-ordering the album you'd expect to get it on release day or thereabouts ... My friend at work ordered it through amazon and he received his the day before the official release, It's took the shine off receiving the album in all honesty. I was excited and now I'm fed up.
  5. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    It's amazing .. the litany of excuses ... In my case ... Ok I ordered standard delivery and the wording on standard delivery read "will ship to arrive around street date 1st December" ... which I still expect 1st December but it could be the 2nd or 4th. But why would any right minded fan pre-order an album a month before release date and expect to it arrive anywhere up to 10-11 days after release. Fans want the record on day 1. Besides it was shipped via Royal Mail on 30th November. All of our products posted on that day would've had roughly a 99.0% (our latest Quality Of Service results against a target of 98.5%) chance of being delivered by the 4th December. I cannot believe Live Nation would blame the customer in this scenario. At least try blame the mail carrier.
  6. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    Just this ... gobsmacked!!!!
  7. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    Dear U2 Merch Team its all well and good sending me these emails advertising your products ... how about you concentrate on getting the new album I ordered a month ago to me. Or replying to your emails. I paid extra to pre-order the album via and postage ... I could've ordered it cheaper and received it on time if I used Amazon (free postage too) or walked to my local store. With the tour ticket fiasco you seem to be pissing off your most loyal and understanding of fans these days.
  8. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    I've still not received mine ... I'm also in the U.K. (I also work for Royal Mail and as far as I'm aware there is no real backlog that's unusual for December ... as expected we fell a bit behind over Black Friday but now we're on track again) ... I've emailed Live Nation twice and I've had no response ... Very disappointed.
  9. I blame the people who buy from scalpers or resale sites. If people boycotted them then there is no business model.
  10. U2 MTV Presents

    Does anyone know what time it's finishing? Email says collect wristbands before 2pm and to arrive at Trafalgar Square by 3pm. And for U2 to play for 40 minutes. I need to leave at 6.50 - 7pm because I would have to catch a train to Doncaster because I'm on stage at my own gig at 10pm
  11. 2 GA tickets for Stockolm 21th for sale

    Are these tickets still available?
  12. Wifi O2 Arena

    How about just putting your phone down and watching the gig?
  13. If that were true, GA wouldn't be $70, though. Most performers charge the same as lower bowl or more for floor seats. I agree ...pretty much all the standing at the front was aimed for the subscribers ... at a reasonable price ... we all had the chance to buy them with our codes .. no one outside of the subscribers had a chance in hell of getting a GA ticket at any of the shows
  14. I think this paperless thing is a dreadful idea and I'm sad to hear everyones dilemma ... I'm lucky that I have the correct tickets for the shows I am going to ... The best way to combat scalpers is for people simply to not buy tickets over face value - its that easy ... if you pay more than face value then YOU are the problem ... I actually like the odd tout outside the venue ... they can be pretty useful ... I've turned up to loads of gigs and bought tickets off them for less than face value or traded seated tickets for standing etc... it should be made law for tickets not to be sold over face value ... I also think it should be made easier to return tickets to the venue say 30 days before the event to be then given a chance to be resold to the public
  15. mine was posted on the 20th January ... Also I needed to sign for it as it came registered post