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  1. Have 1 x pitch 2 ticket and need 2 x seating tickets. Will swap and pay money for 2nd. Please can anyone help me? I'm in dublin
  2. I'm not very fussy. What do you have? Once they are not up in the sky!!!
  3. Hi, I have 1 x pitch 2 ticket and my wife has no ticket. I live in dublin. I want to either get 1 x pitch 2 ticket and bring her or else swap my ticket for 2 seating tickets. Can anyone help? Please!!! I will even swap my ticket and give money towards seating tickets if possible Thank you vinny
  4. Do you still want to swap 2 x pitch 1 for dublin for 1 x pitch 2??? I think I can help. Email me at vinnymulveyfitness@gmail.com  if interested. Thanks

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