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  1. I tried to get tickets for one of the taping but they were sold out in 5 min... I had the feeling they would go at least one nigth!
  2. EmilieB

    When does the band come on stage?

    they go on stage at about 8h15-8h30...That was the average time for the last two shows in MTL
  3. There are several tickets on sale for the two first nights on evenko.com right now ( they were sold out), no GA when i checked. Hopes it helps some of you guys!
  4. EmilieB

    2 GAs please for my son's first U2 show

    A couple of days ago they released some GA tickets on Evenko.com ...if you check everyday you might be able to buy some!
  5. EmilieB

    Main stage on which side?

    Hi! Does anyone has a knowledge of which side the main stage should be?
  6. EmilieB

    Want to buy: 2 $45 Tickets for Saturday June 13

    I have 3 tickets ( but you could buy only two if you want) for this night. They are section 216, row F, seats 5 6 and 7. I'm selling them 40$ each ( bought them for that prize )
  7. EmilieB

    view from seats

    Will it work if I buy them from websites like STUBHUB? I don't want to have any problem with the credit card thing...
  8. EmilieB

    view from seats

    I've tried to see if there was any on some youtube videos but I can't see...I hope I won't be disappointed!
  9. EmilieB

    view from seats

    Hi! I saw how the screens were on each side of the catwalk...but my seats are at the very end of the arena. I'm afraid i won't see anything since i would be beside the two screens?
  10. I've been in a seat during 360. They were really far but i can assure you, they were shacking because people were jumping, dancing on it! When there is slower songs people tend to sit a little. Overall it was really fun! It's not the same as being in GA, but since it's U2, people are crazy all over the arena!
  11. you make a good point. You would probably get a lot more excited about it than this old fart anyway Wouldn't have said it like that I think music should unite people...not start the classic *was there before you* thing... (sorry if it's not clear, i'm french canadian!)
  12. EmilieB

    Got 4 GA's!

    Good for you! it's going to be an awesome night !
  13. Yay! I will attend both Montreal shows in June :) Can't wait!

  14. As a young fan, i just started working a few years ago and could only get a subscription this year because you need to be 18 in order to have a credit card, I would feel a bit sad that because of my age i could not enter for such a gig...It should be open for all subscribers, if you've been a fan since the 80's or not doesn't mean you deserve it more...