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    Los Angeles Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Hi! I know everyone lined up at a lot adjacent to The Forum for the I+E tour last time. Is the GA line in the same place? We're driving up from San Diego tonight. Super excited!!!
  2. Hi! Last time they were at the Forum for the I+E tour, the GA line started out just adjacent to the venue. We got there are about 8am and got a really good place in line, but since Joshua Tree Anniversary, people have started lining up the night before at a Starbucks. At the Joshua Tree stop at the Rose Bowl, we showed up at 7:30 and just barely made the cut-off for the wrist bands. Anyone know if that's happening this time? We're not planning on lining up tonight but would like to know to gauge how early to get there in the morning, as I suspect that 8am will be too late. Thanks!