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  1. Perenelle

    These are old, from the show in Pittsburgh in June, but now that I've figured it out I thought I'd share lol!
  2. Leaving the GA line?

    Ok yes, this is what I needed to know. We won't be there until late-ish tomorrow, hopefully not too late. MSG we did great, but it was also not as big!
  3. Leaving the GA line?

    Ok so roll call (Pittsburgh show) is at 6:00 am, one can leave the line after that, correct? How much time is allowed to be gone?
  4. gutted

    How strange, I got an email about this! Maybe there is a time limit.
  5. gutted

    Tickets can be sold back out through Ticketmaster. Just contact them for a return.
  6. Right thought so, thanks for confirming!
  7. OK this really needs to be answered, I seem to remember this from the last tour. I didn't have to worry about it last time, went to MSG. Thank you for any help out there!
  8. Yes that's what I thought, thanks!
  9. I'm not sure if this has already been addressed, so I had to ask! Apologies if it's in some thread buried somewhere on here haha! We're going to the Pittsburgh show btw.
  10. Songs you want to hear on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017?

    Sorry double post!
  11. Songs you want to hear on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017?

    One Tree Hill has been going through my head, looking forward to that one! I think that playing later stuff would sorta be cheating...
  12. Let's talk about the set list/ Set List [merged]

    The friend I'm going with said they'd only be concentrating on the JT era but apparently that's wrong, would love to hear Bad, they didn't play that in NYC. Also New Year's Day would be awesome!!! I was in high school and that's the song that finally really focused my attention on them! Also I'd much rather they stuck to older stuff...
  13. Let's talk about the set list/ Set List [merged]

    I was just thinking, I recall seeing somewhere on this forum that there was someone who really wanted them to play Bad and I'm sure it's been many years since they have, and the person was pessimistic about ever hearing it again. I'm willing to bet on the good possibility of that being on the playlist for this one, thinking it'll be a lot of very old stuff, everything up to and including JT possibly being on their playlist. Let's hope!!
  14. How do I get my presale code?

    Well I managed to score GA for Pittsburgh without help hahaha!
  15. How do I get my presale code?

    My question keeps evaporating and I don't know why on earth they won't leave the message up, I don't know what to do with the code!!!