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  1. Thanks for explaining all that Max! Will ignore FB notifications about shows. Luckily I was able to get a ticket to Adelaide show really easily and it seems like the pre-sale went well for most people here, with some help from you guys! Cheers!
  2. This was in my Facebook notifications: And when I clicked on it, it went to the page that I posted earlier.
  3. Does anyone know anything about a change of date for Adelaide? This was on Facebook:
  4. Ok, feeling pretty stupid here. Can anyone tell me how to see the different seat categories on the Adelaide venue map so that I can actually see where the seats are? The Ticketek site wants me to choose a seat category but doesn’t tell me where the seats are. I can’t even make the map bigger without it going blurry. Any ideas please? Nevermind! Just gave up trying to buy seats and got RZ instead. More expensive but at least I can see where it is!
  5. Yay, I got the email! I hope the pre-sale goes well for everyone tomorrow. Havent quite figured out how I’m going to be able to get online at work yet... How long does the ticket-buying process take? Is there likely to be congestion on-line? Any tips for a first-time at using Ticketek?
  6. Hi BigBunny, at least Perth has some colour to it! I guess there’ll be info about seats tomorrow. Do you know if anyone has received an email yet?
  7. I found ticket prices and a tiny little venue map on Ticketek website, but it doesn’t seem to show where the different category seats are. Am I missing something: is there more information somewhere that I haven’t found? Will there be more info about seating available before Tuesday or do we just have to buy a ticket and hope it’s a good seat? Appreciate advice from anyone who knows how this all works.
  8. Could anyone provide a periscope link please?
  9. Received my gift this week. Perhaps hope is all we have left...
  10. It is certainly a ‘Moment of Surrender’ type of day ?
  11. Hi Pain, I’m sorry if I referred to you as ‘her’. I have no recollection of doing this, so please accept my apologies. I have always been aware that you are a man. 

    1. pain_18_


      No....There's no  problem... .. I replied to your reaction of confusion on my post.... I wanted to clear it up why I posted that .... :)


  12. 43 019 Lucky you Caz! No rain here since February. So far this year we’ve had a total of 19mm of rain.
  13. Hi Paola, It seems that u r really enjoying listening to SOE! Me 2! Even the ‘singles’ that did nothing for me as singles make so much sense as part of the narrative of the album. I would never have imagined that YTBTAM could make me cry so much! U2 r truly awesome musicians.
  14. Thanks Stan, it’s a long weekend here for “Adelaide Cup”. That’s a horse race that I’ve never been to. But a day off work at the beach is awesome! Hope U have an awesome weekend 2!
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