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    down the surface of things
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    Music... U2... Guitar... Writing... Literature... W.B. Yeats... English... Ireland... You can ask me if you want to know more
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    Achtung Baby
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    Joshua Tree Tour 2017, Hard Rock Stadium, 11.06.17
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    Joshua Tree Tour 2017, Hard Rock Stadium, 11.06.17
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    The only one... xD
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    Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, The Stones, The Ramones, The Script... and more! But U2 is my only favourite one...

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  1. hey there, not been on Instagram recently long enough but I saw your message :)

    1. pain_18_


      Thanks, I'm glad you're here or anywhere !

  2. Oh haha, I found you :):):u2-1383::Zoo_Cosmo:

    1. lharper1994


      Believe it or not, I had noticed your profile tons of times (the flower i love), but didn't know it was you hahaha

  3. lharper1994

    Fan Gathering - 6/10 Hard Rock Live

    any idea of the price for the tickets?
  4. lharper1994

    Will U2 be touring this year? (MERGED)

    Hope they're back by spring next year and they play Miami
  5. lharper1994

    Sing 'Song For Someone' (Then Upload It)

    The thing is, I dont have access to Twitter or YouTube, so Can I upload the video to Facebook?
  6. lharper1994

    U2 lyric game continued.........again!

    electrical storm... electrical storm
  7. lharper1994

    Sing 'Song For Someone' (Then Upload It)

    thank you very much bigwave...
  8. lharper1994

    Sing 'Song For Someone' (Then Upload It)

    okay, i have a question... can i upload a video too, i am from cuba
  9. lharper1994

    Zoo Smilies And Gifs... Add Yours Here..

    QGiffer is really cool
  10. lharper1994

    Paid Account

    thank you very much to both of you btw, does anybody knows anything about where will they tour after these dates? I am praying for them to play Miami, but I am not sure if they will. If they play in stadiums I think the price of the seats will be cheaper, am I wrong? any suggestions or opinion or advice? I take anything.
  11. hi Cris! you can email me to my ojooo address any time! Miss you buddy!
  12. lharper1994

    Paid Account

    Hello, I am new in all this. If I get a paid account here at u2.com... and the band decide they will play Miami in 2016. Will I get presale tickets? Sorry for this dumb and stupid question, but I have no idea about it
  13. lharper1994

    U2 lyric game continued.........again!

    you, I am sure I met... long before the night the stars were out...