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  1. nyru2

    Chicago Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Cut six of the new songs? They have to keep it interesting for themselves.
  2. FWIW, Sirius is the best $10 a month spent for me. listen in my car, home, work. Can drive across country without changing stations. Every genre of music at my fingertips. And access to U2 at the Apollo..(if i get lucky!!)
  3. If your company that you work for holds a holiday party, should people who dont work there be invited? Sirius is holding the event and U2 is the entertainment.
  4. These Sirius concerts at the Apollo have very limited space. Only a handful of people will actually win tix. The rest are celebrities and sirius employees.
  5. If i win tickets to this I will give away my GA seats for Prudential. :-)
  6. https://www.siriusxm.com/U2
  7. nyru2

    Change the Set List

    If fans choose to go to more than one show, especially knowing there isnt going to be much variation, then its on them really. One show a tour is enough for me. It doesnt make me less of a fan than someone who goes to 10 shows. If you read the interview with Willie Williams, he said there wont be that much variation because of the visuals and the storyline.
  8. nyru2

    Change the Set List

    The show is no longer just the music, its the visuals as well. For them to change anything, especially anything up until the end would mean they would have to change the sequence of the visuals.
  9. nyru2

    Bono seems different

    He looks like Robert Deniro now
  10. Bono Deniro!
  11. True. It means you support someone having a choice.
  12. He looks like Robert Deniro here lol