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  1. Bono Rolling Stone Interview

    It was a great read, but enough about the near death experience. If youre not going to say what it is, dont speak about it.
  2. Beautiful Day/GOOYOW

    much better song. Probably best song in 25 years. I will never get tired of it.
  3. Ever notice, musically they are very similar?
  4. U2 at the BBC

    Thanks. I have a couple of BBC channels on my home service but not BBC1 Fred
  5. U2 at the BBC

    anyone able to find the whole show anywhere? i only found a few songs and an interview clip
  6. Stage set up

    There is a reason that the behind the stage seats are 1/3 the price of side seats. The stage set will be the same as ie. You wont be able to see the screen from back there.
  7. What U2 Song Can Make You Cry?

    The night my father died, i listened to Stay when I went home. Cant listen to it anymore.
  8. 2 Albums and 3 Tours in 3 years....I think they have given us plenty for now
  9. i have 2 GAs for NJ looking to trade for seats
  10. A Thank You.. with concern

    So, you got 2 GA tix and 2 CDs. I say you made out pretty good. that fact you couldnt get more seats to another show might fall on deaf ears here. There are some fans who couldnt get any tix. The 2 ticket limit is a good thing. It affords more fans the ability to get tickets. The only thing I agree with is that the tickets are expensive. I do understand their thought process. The U2 show, since Zoo TV has alway been about the big picture. The stage. As well as the music. If this is anything like SOI, the bests seats are about mid level up, center of the arena. Still too expensive though.
  11. There are legit fans who bought tickets who would have no problem selling them.
  12. this shouldnt be this difficult!

    back out of your browser all the way. Then go back in again. Ticketmaster senses multiple searches and blocks after 3 or 4 in a row, This happened with me in the first go around. I backed all the way out and came up with GA tickets.
  13. i got GA no problem through the verified sale.
  14. Resale tickets now on Ticketmaster

    Has anyone ever thought that some of those verified fans who are scalping tickets are actually fans? This process weeds out the bots but it cant stop a legit fan from buying tickets and then putting them on stubhub.