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  1. I was wanting Amsterdam cause I've been to city few times n for other more obvious reasons but managed to snag two u2 standing for London. Opening night of the European leg and looking forward to seeing the place buzzing for Englands own Noel Gallagher. I'm Scottish so I won't be that buzzing for him. Presales was easy peasy. Well played Ticketmaster. Just got to wait n see how U2 play the gig because Joshua Tree is an hours music tops. Just praying Achtung Baby songs make it on the Setlist
  2. I paid for my tickets on the Friday and funds only fully came out of my account on the Monday. If you've got your confirmation E-Mail you'll be grand ! I like how U2 do keep coming back to Glasgow though. Wonder why they decided to hit Edinburgh for the pop album though ? I love how people forget U2 were the ones who wrote the book on stadium concerts !
  3. Can safely say U2 won't be performing Lemon ! I just had a look through U2's last 3 tours played In Glasgow and the most songs they played from a New album at the time was 6. Obviously they could just decide and play the entire Innocence album but judging by their history id be surprised come the night they play more than 6 from the latest album. Can't believe the Vertigo Tour is almost 10 years old.
  4. The 2 tickets max a head has Really helped proper fans im amazed I got GA tbh. I'm not complaining. On Monday im gonna log on at 10am and see what's offered. Be interesting if I didn't opt into being a subscriber to see what crumbs will be left
  5. We'll wait closer to the time to see what is going on. My big brother actually had to use my mums CC to pay for his GA tickets. As long as he brings the original CC used and her I.D with a slip of paper authorising the use of her card it should be fine ? The timing of these tickets going on sale is crazy. If they wait until New Year he would have been able to pay for them with his own card
  6. I paid £91.50 to see Fleetwood mac next year at the Hydro... My total charges were £123.50 for 2 GA tickets for Hydro. Just hope Bono gets back to full health. From now until May he takes it easy
  7. Haha im in the same boat as you guys GA surprisingly went Really smooth. We all are very fast to complain when their service isn't good so well played Ticketmaster on this occasion. Buzzing doesn't come close to describing the feeling. Last night I struggled to get asleep. was like having an Exam in school. I kept waking up checking the time etc but in the end it worked out Well for us ! Whats your opinions on this Ticketfree stuff ? It is good people buying to resale are kinda screwed. So on the night will they scan our Credit Card or something ?
  8. Remember everyone is only allowed 2 Tickets Per show max. If you don't secure one night you should have luck the following. I'm in the same boat as you guys. Bare in mind the rumours about U2 doing Stadium Tours in 2016.
  9. Happy Days man. Did you have any issues in securing tickets ? Read on another forum it was constantly Errors popping up. I'm kind of dreading tomorrow cause a tonne of people like myself who are New U2 subscribers will be attempting to get tickets
  10. Well played to the guys who managed to get tickets. How did you go about getting them ? did you go to Ticketmaster.co.uk directly or has the tours section on U2.com lit up for people to click which show they want ? I'm tempted to try and get tickets for Berlin. Being in the city that U2 recorded Achtung Baby would be special, plus Flights to Berlin fly direct from Glasgow. I was in Berlin in 2013, I preferred my trip to Munich in 2014 but Id happily see U2 in Berlin !
  11. haha Adam has been grey since birth ! He stopped caring after All That You Cant Leave behind. Its weird seeing his hair done for the new tour ! The interesting fact is that U2 are going to be doing Stadium Gigs in 2016. This is like Studios spreading Films over 2 parts instead of one.
  12. You can't use the gift coupon code to activate a subscription on your own account? Nah the E-Mail says make up a new e-mail address n stuff to go with the proposed new code i have sitting there which i have no plans of using. 12 Hours really ?! Sorry to hear man i know how frustrating it is. I wont be surprised if the Website fails to deliver any new subcriber a code. I miss the glory days one could simply camp for 9 hours and get tickets in the morning i'm not a fan of all this Presales stuff
  13. Silly question but will this Code we're all waiting for come to our U2 email address or the E-Mail address we used when signing up ? i hope its not the U2 one cause i can't even access it yet. Watched Every Breaking Wave live at MTV followed by the making of Vertigo. That song is a decade old already ! I hate to even suggest this but does anyone think this will be U2's last World Tour ? Mid 50's. I hope they do a Fleetwood/Stones/Springsteen and keep rocking into their mid 60's. When will Bono let his hair go grey !? that is a question someone needs to answer !
  14. i Ordered the Gift package at 4pm. At 9:52 i got a follow up E-Mail with the code which i was supposed to put in the cart to become a Subscribed member I went ahead and paid another $50 for standard package off the Upgrade option so im officially a Subscribed member and come Friday hopefully i'll have my code. It took around 6 hours for me to get my Coupon Code. I have it in an E-Mail i hope they allow me to return it cause i would like my first $50 back Don't panic buy a second subscription like i did. Wait the 6 hours, the E-Mail will arrive.
  15. I'm the same. Bought the live nation gift one earlier and as soon as i buy another one off of U2.com, the Live Nation E-Mail comes through telling me how to redeem the Gift. I hope they accept my request to cancel the order.
  16. Valse advertising TBH! The Package claimed we would qualify for Pre-Sales by buying one of the 3 options. I'm the same as you guys, paid the $50 and got emailed with an Invoice. If none of us get any E-Mail for Friday's Pre-Sale there's going to be a lot of Angry peoeple sending in Complaints. Surely when our Vinyl or Book arrives it wont also have a peice of paper saying something like " congrats. For Future U2 events you'll qualify as soon as you make an account " meaning We'll ALL miss this weekends Pre-Sale.
  17. Nope. It is the coupon for discount in U2 official shop. I had a feeling that would be the 25% off coupon i read about. I did buy the " New Subscriber " though you'd think that would make me qualify for the friday sales. When i click Upgrade it takes me to 3 options, i picked the middle, paid the $50. U2.Com reconizes i have an account but it says nowhere when my account ends like all you guys do. Im guessing it says in your account the start/finish time yah ? Worst case scenario ill just leave it. Lucky enough to be seeing Fleetwood Mac next year i was pushing my luck thinking i'd get U2 as well
  18. I have a bad feeling this whole thing is gonna go belly up. Can U2.Com handle the pressure ? I signed up and bought a Gift Subscription for $50 earlier. My Account info on U2.com just shows my Details, nothing more. After buying i did get told "Special note about U2.Com Gift Subscription: U2com10 New Subscriber Standard # 2 Package: 2014/2015: North Side Story (U2TGCLB2) You will receive an email shortly with the coupon code. @ Is this the code everyone is wanting do you think ?
  19. Silly question i'm new on this site. For Vertigo + 360 i camped overnight for tickets but paid $50 for to subscribe. Where can i see how long ive been a member and when i'm paid up until ?
  20. November is usually pretty cold. 2014 has been the Warmest November we've had as far as i can remember. I'd come to Glasgow September/October time. Won't be as cold as November. Fire onto Google and type in average weather for glasgow. 2014's november was strangly warmer than usual !
  21. The Vertigo tour was defo a sell out i went to that one but the 360 might not have sold out purely because Celtic had a big game on at Celtic park and U2 tickets were easy to find all of a sudden. Bono even mentioned something about the game. I was at both gigs. For both gigs i actually camped out at the SECC overnight to buy tickets in person. I would have happily done the same on Monday but this scam of Pre-Sale tickets for Subscribers has really taken off since 2009 and felt camping out would be pointfless for an Arena that holds 13k ? I boughth the Gift subscription for $50, i hope i get the early E-Mail like the rest of you guys. I'll find out by friday i suppose.
  22. I bought the Gift subscription via Live nation. paid the $50. I didn't think anything of it i thought Live Nation were partners with U2 or soemthing. Does this mean for Friday's PreSale i won't receieve an E-Mail for a code ?
  23. Im not gonna lie i just ordered a Subscriber package 2 in hope in getting tickets for one of the Glasgow Dates. I was just wondering do subscribers get sent the code via e-mail or something ? You're only allowed 2 tickets MAX per show. I must admit i'm disappointed U2 arent selling out Hampden like theyve done twice before. £61 for standing is very decent. What time on Friday do the presale tickets for Subscribers go on sale ? I wish the Hydro was never built TBH. It's just a sheer scramble for tickets for any avent now. Look at what happened with Take That, they had to add an extra night because they couldn't be bothered selling out Hampden as well. U2 could sell Hampden out 2 times. There's going to be a lot of disappointed people out there. I just hope the people lucky enough to get Tickets are proper fans like us instead of the ones who buy only with the view to sell at 3 times the cost price
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