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  1. gooffy87

    Worst Ticket purchasing experience ever?

    scalper sites are going to have a great day today at our expense
  2. gooffy87

    Worst Ticket purchasing experience ever?

    Yup, been to every tour since the elavation tour, been to 4 shows in the past 2 years, my fanclub subscription doesnt expire until february yet I wasnt able to participate in the fanclub sale without resubscribing and apparently i wasnt good enough to get "verified" code either.. I called stubhub and they said you can buy tickets through them and you shouldnt have a problem entering. They also said you will recieve a full refund if you are refused entry so, cheers! by doing this they have really made us real fans turn to the scalpers and risk traveling to a show and being denied entry, good job!
  5. hahahaha,LA completely sold out for the presale. enjoy my $50 u2, guess you need it more than i do
  6. All iwanted was 2 ga tickets. nothing. this stadium show is worth skipping if i cant get tickets. dont want to spend $200\ticket for stadium seats a mile away from the stage
  7. I am looking for (2) tickets for sunday 5/31. GA preferred. pm me if anyone has anything. thanks!
  8. I will buy the sunday ga if you cannot get rid of it. let me know :-)
  9. gooffy87

    Red Zone experiences?

    was in RZ1 last night for LA. the show was great, the layout of the stage was terrible for RZ (in my opinon). when we were escorted into the RZ at 6:30, they told everyone in line to walk but everyone started running and no one could stop the people that showed up 5 minutes before. still managed to get on the rail. biggest gripe: when the band moved to the "e" stage, I felt like I was in the back corner of the arena. couldnt see the band over everyone inbetween, totally took the excitement out of the show for me. Other RZ'ers around me said the same thing. felt like Bono was their about 40% of the show. I was very upset after the show that I paid $700 plus the fanclub for two RZ tickets and didnt really feel like I goy my moneys worth.. will be going back on sunday possibly with either nosebleed seats or regular GA and planning to hang out around the "e" stage as it seemed like thats where the action was. overall great setlist and performance tho!
  10. gooffy87

    Red Zone experiences?

    that video also put my mind at ease, i will be in LA on the 26th looking for the exact same spot that video is taken from. see you at 3 pm in the parking lot! lol
  11. gooffy87

    Just got Red Zone MSG 1...

    anyone seen any info released on the red zone break down? I believe last tour edge was on RZ1 size and adam was on RZ2 side
  12. gooffy87


    red zone for LA baby!!!!!!!! it is so worth it. got it last tour as well and its amazing. you can literally be on the rail with ease, concessions and merch stands in the red zone as well, you never have to leave! Only get these tickets if you like being just feet (or inches at times) from u2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. gooffy87

    So did anyone get tickets yet?

    got red zone for LA!!!!!!!! it was incredibly easy!
  14. gooffy87

    Where are our pre-sale codes? (MERGED)

    meeeeeeeeeeeeee wantttttttttttttttt preeeeeeeeesaaaaaaaaaallllllllleeeeeeeeeeee coooooooooooode lol. im just a huge fan thats been waiting 5 years like everyone else :-) had tickets to 360 and had to wait an additional year due to bono's injury. wooooooooooooooo! u2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the new album!