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  1. Just got my tickets in the mail today!
  2. I bet there will be a DVD out with both nights...not exactly the same...but at least its a way to experience both shows without going into debt.
  3. Ticketmaster is like The Hunger Games...except you'll have better success in The Games. "Let the odds be ever in your favor"
  4. I'm fairly certain that all the shows sold out, hence the extra dates that have been added to nearly all cities.
  5. It would be interesting to see how many tickets were allocated for each presale.
  6. It goes by physical address. Two tickets per address.
  7. Wasn't there a tour where the cheap seats were actually closer to the stage? Maybe they are trying for the same thing.
  8. Jkuli6, try emailing them tonight as well. I'm sorry for what happened.
  9. Maybe all the 7/23 folks will have to get together for a pint before the show!
  10. It doesn't have a message like the version is not compatable with the device? I get that a lot with my Android Tablet.
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