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  1. Glad Mark to see your experience was so good ,wish I could say the same . It all started with the confusion from the moment we lined up(1st show Van) They were confused in regards to R1 and R2 and had the lineup's wrong I thought the red zone would be the best bet for a close proximity to the stage ,wow was I ever wrong Not sure how they thought this up but GA would have been a far better choice ,very few spots in Red zone to get up close There is no way GA should have better positioning than Red zone ,not based on those absurd ticket prices I am not the super fan of this band as it seem's most of you are ,but I had a chance to talk to a few people who did share the same opinion I think this band has forgotten what it is all about and have become so big that they do what all mega bands do and charge insane prices There was no thought process here on the Red zone setup and I advise anyone sitting there in the future to get there early and make sure u get into the right line for your area and get to a spot asap. Never thought I would see this at a U2 concert but there were a few fights in GA zone ,which required security for a moment I thought I was at a Rage in the Machine show Bot I will give credit where credit was due ,it was a solid performance without a doubt Thanks for letting me vent here Al Shah
  2. If the setup is based on the Vancouver shows the red zone is a waste of money ,stick with GA
  3. Further followup I have checked seating for Denver .LA and Montreal and it looks like they made the necessary changes ,sad to say all those in Vancouver got screwed outside a few handfull
  4. I was at the first show of the tour ,I will state in advance I am not a big fan of the band ,my wife is the superfan I did what all good hubbies do and supported her in her quest to see her band. I thought since we came in from Winnipeg why not do it right ,get the RED Zone ticket's and make it a great evening .Well that never transpired ,the RED Zone outside of say 20 spots was so far removed from the closeness of the stage ,in fact as you went further down the RED ZONE you got further away from the stage Outside of supporting a great cause you would expect to have a much better vantage point than GA ,but that was not the case ,I felt robbed because I could have bought GA ,someone really screwed this one up , my wife thought I was being picky because I am not a superfan,but I had a chance to talk to a number of people in my area and also in the bar after the show and they also felt the same way.For a band of the people u really screwed a lot of people here ,like paying nearly $400 a ticket was no big deal,i hope you get this right before this tour ends. This did not take away from a impressive performance we saw on both nights ,but I still feel like I got robbed on the whole concept of the RED ZONE Thanks Alan Shah
  5. Your observation is spot on ,GA is much more preferred than the red zone Never again tremendous waste of money ,felt completely duped
  6. Un like the majority hear I am not a super fan of U2 ,I listen to them the odd time ,the real fan is my wife who like many of you is crazy for them, I get that I feel the same way about the band's I like . I hope everyone here gets a chance to read this ,the red zone is terrible ,u are not near the stage for the most part ,ga has a much better vantage point overall.I applaud support red ,but to see the way the red zone in Vancouver was setup was shocking .First we have the steep prices ,then we have no order what' so ever to get into the redzone ,then when you get there you see that there are very few spots availaible close to the stage.The worse part is seeing GA crowds with a far better vantage points than the red zone .I thought I was the only one with this opinion but I had a chance to speak to over 20 people and we all felt the same. To me U2 has lost there perspective here ,truly felt like a money grab ,it did not take away from there performance ,I will give credit for credit due and it was excellent from a performance point ,but from a $$$ amount it was a huge failure . You truly owe a refund of a portion to the fan's who were misled in believing the red zone was a ticket to a closer look at the band perform
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