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  1. Finally found 2 after refreshing 3 times. Good Luck!
  2. Ended up going onto my son's computer and was able to get tickets
  3. Are all the tickets going to be gone?
  4. Just tried that, and not working
  5. Same thing for me. Trying for Dublin and it is 9am in Dublin
  6. ctnurse

    Ticket Buying Experience - Feedback for U2.com

    Was able to buy two tickets for Koln this am without an problem. I agree with PP regarding knowing where the stage is. The site gave me the option of best available seat and I went with that. I think it took about 10 minutes from start to finish.
  7. I want to try to buy tickets tomorrow for Koln when they are available. I have a few questions since I never bought concert tickets in Germany. It looks like you buy them from Eventim. Can I use my US credit card? We have a German Bank account, and I have a debit card through our German bank and my husband has a credit card through the German bank. I know it is so different to buy something in Germany. Can someone help me with the best way to make the purchase. Should I login and make an account on Eventim? I would love of someone could post the prices and venue seating for Koln.