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  1. Soullikeaguitar

    Disgusted Stub hub had tickets before first presale

    Thanks! I hope its true
  2. I checked stub hub two days before the first pre sale went on sale and there were already tickets on sale. Why cant live nation or U2 do anything about this?
  3. Soullikeaguitar


    We are talking about it now because we want the experience to go smoothly. Looking forward to meeting you guys while waiting in line.
  4. I know we still have time till the show but since i used up my code for the Rose Bowl show and wasn't able to get tickets during the regular sale i hope someone can help me find tickets face value. Thanks and hope to meet those i have met before and looking forward to making new friends.
  5. Soullikeaguitar

    Red Zone price for California shows?

    I regret getting the $280 seat tickets for the Rose Bowl show. Since i couldn't get them myself i had a friend get them for me. I figure Red Zone would be past 500. Ugh!