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  1. Im also surprised that these are hard tickets. I just got 2 GA in the Wires presale. I was able to to load up another 2 GA in my cart just now and was tempted to buy them for resell or trade if there is another show added but still not sure if they would require an ID during entry to match the ticket purchaser. Does anyone know for sure if ticket purchaser has to be present for Boston GAs?

  2. It's 10:50am on the east coast. Waiting online, '11 O'Clock Tick Tock' as Ticketmaster goes through 'The Troubles' of finding tickets for me.  This is so 'Bad'.  GA tickets, 'All I Want is You' but 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' because this 'Out of Control' system offers me far too expensive tickets.  When I decline to buy those, the system then goes into a 'Disappearing Act' for another 10 minutes...'Get On Your Boots' damn ticketing system!  I guess this will be 'A Day Without Me' because I'm 'Running To Stand Still' since 'I'll Go Crazy If I don't Go Crazy Tonight'.  There'll not be 'A Celebration', therefore I now 'Surrender'.


    (Just a light-hearted U2 themed post)


    bravo...you had the queued and ready to go, didn't you?


    scored a single GA to Boston 2, was hoping to get a pair but at least I have GAs to both Boston nights. waiting for the shows 3 and 4 to be added.

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