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  1. wait... thaf's face value? i bought section 114 for 119. i'm so confused about the prices.
  2. hi guys. i live in the nyc area and i am seeing them in the garden 5 of the nights. Years ago I was too young to try and win tickets to shows like this secret one, and then was just too busy with school and finding work to explore this side of the greatest band in the world. point is... i was wondering... should they do something like this on the east coast, how the heck do i find out about this? is there anything that can be done? Any channels? please help this newbie! Thank you!
  3. danowarrior

    So did anyone get tickets yet?

    can anyone speak to the msg seating levels, and or pricing?
  4. danowarrior

    Just got Red Zone MSG 1...

    Cool thank you. now what is the benefit. I mean besides the charity which is great and I'm cool with the price, but I wondering because my wife is pretty short and wanted to stay away from GA for this reason, because last tour she couldn't see anything at all. Thanks again!
  5. danowarrior

    Just got Red Zone MSG 1...

    hey guys. can someone explain exactly how the redzone works? Thank you so much