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  1. I just saw a ticket drop. Section 122, 10th Row on the aisle. Absolute premium seats for face value from the vendor. Unbelievable. While I was looking most of those were snatched. But I could have had them. But then I wouldn't be able to get rid of my side view tickets for the same evening. For those who need tickets, you may want to look now.
  2. I am going to this Wednesday's show and I have a similar story. During the pre sale I bought tickets in Section 120 thinking I would be viewing the main stage from a distance and being right on top of the b stage. That very day I caught wind here that the Red Zone was most likely around the b stage this time around. Of course that is not how it ended up, but that was the thinking at the time. So I paid top price, except for $595 packages, and I will be directly on the side of the main stage. I am right across the aisle from people who paid $595. So I thought I was golden. I really feel sorry for my neighbors across the aisle who will have the same view as me and paid almost $300 more than myself. I called Ticketmaster back as soon as I realized my mistake and asked if I could exchange them for Section 103 which would give me the setting I wanted. There were plenty of seats there and you would think it would not be a problem. The woman I spoke to told me that the United Center was not one of the venues where they had the power to do this. I forget the term she used. Maybe it was something like preferred client. I couldn't believe it. This was six months ago during the pre sale. All the activity had died down from the morning rush as it was early afternoon. This is a complete mess. I will tell you another thing. I remember sections like 106 being around $230 and sections like 117 being $275. Even those prices were a clue that my interpretation was correct. What I am trying to say is it appears to me that they had the entire venue completely ass backwards.
  3. Wow are you ever right about the 20th Anniversary Tour of Achtung Baby! That set list was looking mighty tired over May and June before I saw them in July. However, to their credit, they rocked the house with those first four songs. Sounded like they were playing them for the first time. Either way, just wanted to comment because that 20th Anniversary idea did not hit me until just a couple of weeks ago. Good observations in everything else you said. But I do want to chime in with everyone else that is disappointed in the recoiling on the idea of two separate shows. I bought first night in Chicago because I was calculating that first night would be Innocence and that would mean I would have the chance to hear a lot of the new material. From what we had heard it sounded like there would be an Innocence show followed by an Experience Show. Which also matched their two nights on followed by at least two nights off. And of course I am not complaining. Certainly is a first world problem, right? But since I am somewhat hard to please I will also mention that I hope The Troubles comes back and WLCTT is dropped. I always liked WLCTT but I don't feel it belongs in this show as i am understanding things and it is a pity to throw out a new song for it. The boys properly gave tribute to B.B. King. I hope the North American leg does not become one long B.B. King tribute. Nothing against B.B. May he rest in peace.
  4. At concerts, yes, absolutely. In ordinary day to day life, I believe it has replaced the cigarette as a coping mechanism for many when they are alone and out and about. Look, I'm not saying that there is never a good reason to check an email or make or receive a call, but it seems to be a defense mechanism. And yes they are super annoying at concerts. I am a pretty decent amateur photographer. I could take some stellar shots of the band but I am glad they ban me from taking a camera with a decent lens. Because I really want to simply enjoy the experience. The camera has a tendency to get between the photographer and the experience. And there is certainly no shortage of photographs of the event that others will take.
  5. I went to every show in Chicago for 360 tour and most shows for all the other tours. I watched TM and the resales. Ticket prices dropped dramatically. Granted it was a stadium but if there are a number of resales still around I would not worry but watch as they disappear. I saw seats up front go for less than $100 for what I think was every show. They are playing five nights. I'd wait and see if I were you but I'm not so I can only give you my opinion. I'd definitely wait and watch every day. There is also bound to be at least one ticket dump for every show. I saw seats right up front for several U2 shows and many others released the day of the show. It's a crap shoot. I gamble and have only lost once. I would definitely wait. Remember that there are fake tickets out there and if you buy a fake one from a scalper-you have no recourse. That is why TM resale is best as those are guaranteed seats. I've seen and heard of fake tickets all the time so watch out for whomever is the seller. I'd wait. I'm in Milwaukee and watch this stuff a lot as concerts are my drug of choice. I'm with Manohlive on this one. In trying to discern the layout of the stage for Chicago, I have visited Ticketmaster on numerous occasions. Even at the TM resale market the prices were not much above face value. I think that was my impression. What I have figured is this. U2 is playing 5 shows in Chicago. I believe they basically filled the demand of their fans who are willing to pay $300 per seat. That being the case, assuming I may be right, I believe the scalpers are not going to make what they thought they were. So I would wait it out. I also attended all 360 shows in Chicago. For opening night I snagged a singe on the lower level with a full view of front of the stage. They were pretty much ideal. If I were just one more section closer it would have been perfect. But I am not complaining. Got that ticket the day or two before the show. The second night I took the family and we were behind the stage in Club Seats. Still a great experience and I bought those about a week or two before the show. Again a ticket drop due to final configurations. Finally, for their 2011 outing in Chicago, I bought 2 tickets in the second row on the side of the stage right next to The Edge. Face value at a ticket drop a day or two before the show. I took my 9 year old, at the time, son and we had a blast. It was perfect for taking a child because it was close, and a very comfortable place to sit with a kid. As an added bonus I did not have to have my money tied up for almost two years as some did due to Bono's injury in 2010. Those tickets originally went on sale right after the September '09 shows for July 2010. As we all now that date was not satisfied until July 2011. Of course the key here, as has been mentioned, flexibility and the willingness to miss out. I am good on both counts. But I have also found that where there is a will there seems to be a way that does not involve paying exorbitant prices to a scalper.
  6. This is good info in the posted article. Having said that it appears the rough schematic at ticket purchasing time was completely wrong as to where the Red Zone will be.
  7. It is a heck of a lot of money. No doubt about it. However, when I see the prices for the NBA and NFL I am stunned. A ticket for a Bulls game in the lower sections will cost you $500 apiece. And the game could stink. One thing is for sure, I know I will have a good time at a U2 concert.
  8. I am kind of leaning that way myself. But who knows? Anything is possible. They are older now and they may want a tour that will allow them some time for rest between shows.
  9. Same experience for me in Chicago. Going to opening night. Chose section 120 row 12. Looks like I am about 10 to 20 feet from tickets that go for $595 each. I was able to look at the seating chart last evening and had a good idea of what I wanted to do. I got right in at 11 on the button and done by 11:02. I also extend my hopes that everyone else has minimum trouble and can find tickets. Now I'm excited.
  10. Why would venues get tickets to pass on to season ticket holders for a rock concert? This makes no sense to me.
  11. $350 each Ouch! Good for you. I am sticking with the GA. I am 6'8" tall so no problem seeing the show, but tell this to people behind me. Ha-Ha! I think I am always behind you. Baseball games, concerts, you name it. I am not short, but I notice just how many tall people there are in the world when going to events.
  12. How many times must you enter the code for an actual transaction? It sounds like you must enter code to get to page, and also at payment time. Is this correct? Sorry to hear all of you having problems. Extremely frustrating. Seems TM is Stuck in a Moment.
  13. Wouldn't where they show the Red Zone be a good indicator? Looking at Chicago it seems to be on the end of the hall where I have always seen the stage.
  14. Greetings Everyone, I am wondering where we will be getting our emails with the pre-sale code. Will it be our regular everyday email accounts, in other words the one we have signed up with? Or will it be the U2 email which I am not able to log in to for some reason? Anyone have a clue? I am kind of stressed out myself.
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