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  1. You are awesome, that worked! Happy New Year!
  2. Hi, I just renewed my subscription. I picked the CD, got my discount code and confirmation emails, however, my U2.com profile says my subscription is active until January 31, 2019, which was the expiration date after I renewed last year. Will this update or will it take a few days? Or does the expiration date come after the older one expires? I don't remember this issue in the past and have been a longtime subscriber.
  3. Here is a review from nights 3 & 4 combined at MSG on Huffington Post -- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/salvatore-bono/experiencing-the-innocenc_b_7869330.html
  4. Leo, I just signed up and I got the same thing. I tried calling Live Nation and got this "We are experiencing a high volume of people calling, try back later." No idea what this means. But we deserve answers.
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