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  1. A 2019 gift should be completed and ready to ship the first week of January 2019. Now it is closer to the start of 2020 than the start of 2019 and still nothing. Very poor. Also as this is included as part of a paid subscription is is not a gift but rather an item that we bought and paid for in advance.
  2. This smoothie is delicious.

    1. dmway


      So delicious that it got you a rec! 😄

  3. The location itself is beautiful. Great organization inside and very pleasant staff. You can pay for a premium parking spot in the lot just outside the venue, otherwise parking is free in fields just beyond. However it is worth noting that a premium spot close to the venue is a disadvantage when it's time to leave as you are now furtherst from the exit. The only issue we had was the traffic jam we encountered at the end of the night. All those cars trying to funnel onto a country backroad will do that. In retrospect it might have been wiser to simply kick back and listen to the radio for an hour until the hoard thinned out. But otherwise a hugely positive experience. It was my first time there and I would go back again without hesitation. On a side note: I was on the lawn and it was great value for money. The sound was crisp and there were screens to see close ups. A good time is pretty much guaranteed. Have fun and please let me know what your experience was.
  4. Dave Matthews Band killed it last night in Bethal Woods, NY. It was my first time seeing them and I would definitely see them again. Another first on the 29th of this month when I'm seeing Phish in Camden, NJ.
  5. Nice. Dave Matthews Band next week for me. It's at Bethal Woods which is on the site of original Woodstock concert.
  6. Bikini Kill got the job done in Brooklyn with a surprise guest Joan Jett. It was an interesting audience and not quite I expected. There was a core of punk and outsiders but the majority were the type of people you'd see at a U2 show. A good night, well worth leaving the house for.
  7. Krishna Das never disappoints. Uplifting, moving, motivating. For a complete change of scene I'm going into Brooklyn on Tuesday 4th of June to see Bikini Kill.
  8. Heading up to Tarrytown tomorrow to chant with Krishna Das.
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