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    New Year's Day... the band's message of connection.
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    The rhythm section are underrated.
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  5. Scottish Fans Are Ignored Again

    I saw the Street Fighting Years tour in Dublin and Jim Kerr said those exact same words. Simple Minds skipped over Ireland on the following tour and didn't return until 1995.
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  9. E+ i tour

    Just my opinion guys but I'd love to see U2 play arenas in the round. Screens wouldn't be needed as every seat would have a view of the stage. Also I think that there is a large part of the back catalogue that goes untouched while the band rely on the same songs over and over to fill out the set list. Wasn't it great to see them bust out "Two Hearts Beat As One," briefyly on the I+E tour? A stripped down production, fan friendly ticket prices and seldom played songs back in the set. That's what I dream of when I lay my head on my pillow. ✌
  10. What's your tour game?

    Seems that way Pauli.
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  12. legalised touting

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    That's excellent. They really rip it up.
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