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  1. Just back from Bob at The Beacon. The setlist was exactly the same but show was so different from Philly. Both audience and performers were looser and the atmosphere was electric. Great venue. Great vibe. Tomorrow night is my last show of the year (Paw Patrol Live at NJPAC in Newark). Then nothing lined up until March. Edit: I just remembered that we are going to see Southside Johnny & The Asbury Dukes in Red Bank on New Year's Eve.
  2. I must admit that that I had modest expectations as it's a reissue of songs that I'm already familiar with. However I was shocked by how good they sound on vinyl with the volume turned waay up. It's like hearing them for the first time. Well worth seeking out.
  3. Got mine. About to give it a spin.
  4. I saw this listed @dmway and I mentioned it to my spouse. The reaction I got was "We've seen them once already so why go again?" 😶 Weather is also a major factor. I tend to hunker down and avoid shows until March.
  5. Yes that's right - Dylan at The Met. The venue is gorgeous. Special mention for the spectacular chandelier. I heard that there has been a recent renovation and they did a fine job. It's definitely on my list of places that I fully intend on returning to.
  6. Last Thursday I went to Philadelphia to see Bob Dylan for the first time. Well worth the trip. Philly is a great spot with or without Bob. On Black Friday I'm heading into NYC to see Bob again. This will be my first time at The Beacon so November is turning into a month of firsts.
  7. I wonder what will become of the footage shot with the 360° cameras in Newark 2018.
  8. I finally got to stop into the second hand book/music shop that opened close by. Got "U2 At The End Of The World," by Bill Flanagan for $4 and a Rolling Stones bootleg (Leeds 1971) for 50¢.
  9. Last night the annual Autumn Krishna Das kirtan in NYC was as uplifting as always. They were filming for a live DVD and the night started a little stiff. KD acknowledged that he was nervous and that they had a setlist of all things. He messed up the order almost immediately, laughed and that broke the ice. The rest of the night was business as usual. This year he's doing a second night so back in I go.
  10. I completely agree with you regarding lossless files @dmway. When you buy music from Bandcamp you can download the files in any digital format you wish. These days this should be industry standard for all music providers. If Bandcamp can do it I'm certain that Live Nation can.
  11. Confirmation email came Tuesday and the CDs arrived Saturday via USPS. The package is a cardboard envelope approx 10" x 12". The discs themselves are housed in a photo book approx 7" x 7". Nicely put together and the photos in the INNOCENCE section in particular jogged some memories from 2015. Breaking news: @dmway now demands his music in lossy format! U2.com team throw their hands up in frustration. 😜
  12. Just received the CDs here in NJ. 🎉
  13. Happy birthday to ATYCLB too. Released 19 years ago today.
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