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    New Year's Day... the band's message of connection.
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  1. Dave Fanning speaking to The Irish Sun HERE.
  2. Yeah, Exit was like a horrible nightmare come to life. My favourite performance in the set.
  3. Fingers crossed for a SOE onesie next year.
  4. Intro to One Tree Hill... Bono said that we all lose people unexpectedly and don't get to say goodbye. U2 are playing the song for a man named Greg but fill in the name of your own loved one and the song is for them all..... Tomorrow my wife and I are leaving for PA to attend a memorial service for my mother-in-law who passed away and was cremated last week while we were back home in Ireland. When Bono said those words my wife put her arms around me and leaned her head against me. It was a powerful moment.
  5. Eggplant parm made with vegan mozz. Kombucha to wash it down.
  6. From Times Square you can walk to Port Authority bus terminal at 8th Ave & 42nd St. Coach USA run buses to MetLife for events. Link HERE. Also you can catch the subway at Port Authority to get to a train connection to the stadium. Link HERE.
  7. I really enjoyed that. Nice find.
  8. Yup, I ordered a shirt to wear at an I+E gig two years ago. Ordered it well in advance. Heard absolutely nothing so I emailed customer service the week of the show for an update. All I got was "Oh those shirts are on backorder, we'll ship it when we get it. Or you can cancel your order, up to you." Now I don't mind the backorder part, things happen. But I object to being kept in the dark and then when I contact them to find out what's going on customer service's response is basically just a shoulder shrug. So yeah... Live Nation....
  9. Anyone know if they are selling city specific shirts like they have in the past?

    1. CorkVegan


      I was wondering the same thing. My gut feeling says YES.

  10. Maybe they should just bring JT forward and start with Streets. Use the screens for the entire show. End with 40 naturally.
  11. Agree Re: Please. Also as regards SBS, the opening lines jumped up and caught my attention when they played it the first night and I realised how universal and timely it is. Over the years it has grown from being about the Irish race to being about the human race. Even more so since Manchester. I'm ok with it as an opener. Initially I thought that it was an odd choice but now it makes sense to me.
  12. It's not going to happen but wouldn't it be great if they played Refugee from War in place of Miss Sarajevo but kept the MS visuals. I know that Pride was their first number one & it has a place but at this stage it's so overplayed that it's become the soundtrack for a pee break. It's one of those songs that should be in rotation & no way does it have to be played every night of every tour. How about doing Wire from UF in it's place? Also as it's a politically themed concert wouldn't Staring At The Sun be a nice fit?
  13. Let's not forget merchandise prices. At $40 U2 t-shirts are the most expensive I've seen by far. I was really surprised when they signed with Live Nation as they were a band known for doing it their way and to give up so much control is stunning. As you've pointed out there have been big noticeable changes since 360.
  14. Have you seen this? Bono talks about set list: HERE.