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  1. Just out of curiosity, has anyone who PM'd the Mods in the last 2-3 hours with the info requested got a reply and a code?
  2. PM'd over 3 hours ago and not heard anything. I know the Mods are working hard and nothing against them but just want to know if there is any hope in getting a code soon or this is just false hope if in fact codes were given out in a lottery and 10% of experience subscribers were not going to get one as another poster posted after to speaking with a rep on the phone.
  3. So why would the mods ask us to PM them if we got the not eligible email if 10% of experience subscribers were not going to get codes?
  4. Hi Bigwave or any other Mods, still haven't received a code. Already PM a couple times. Any help would be great
  5. Hi bigwave thanks for adding me to the cs database for review but still haven't heard anything or got a code yet.
  6. Bigwave please help, already pm you and max with no response
  7. I too got an email said i was verified then another that I wouldn't be getting a code. Extremely disappointed with u2.com. Any of the mods please help
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