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  1. I very much agree. It appears that many of the songs are either unfinished re-worked songs from albums before or its a project representing there impressive discography. Is this a subtle goodbye this legendary band is giving us ? Personally id love to see an AB anniversary tour like JT. AB for me is the bands most defined and greatest album and then a final album and tour as a goodbye. This gives them another half decade or so of employment Dont want to see them as a tribute band of themselves or another Rolling Stones who for me have diminished most of there relevance and influence staying in the game for far too long.
  2. A good U2 album is better than most music act's best albums. SOE is a good U2 album and a definite step up from SOI After 5 listens for me the truth in the reviews about SOE lies somewhere in the middle. Its not U2's greatest work as some claim. Independent reviews on other sites are calling it weak and terrible. The writers may need to get there ears checked. It's a very solid and intelligent piece of work and one of U2's better albums.The best song on the deluxe edition for me is one of the extras 'Book of Your Heart' superb . The Blackout and American Soul remind of U2 Zoo era and are great tracks. Little Things That Give You Away is the 2nd best track on this album. Your the best thing about me will be a stadium favourite for sure. Landlady is one of the tracks that has already grown on me after initially thinking wtf Summer of Love, Get out of your own way , Love is all we have left and love is Bigger than Anything in its Way , is the band taking the mainstream pop route Red Flag Day reminds of raw U2 early 80s Lights of Home and The Showman I think are the weakest tracks and I would have replaced Book of Your Heart with one of these tracks in the main collection. As others have stated I believe U2 produces better B Side tracks and side projects than most acts produce album tracks eg Book of Your Heart, Hands That Built America Ms Sarajevo, Ground Beneath Her Feet, Ordinary Love, Stateless, Electrical Storm, Crystal Ballroom, Lucifer's Hands to name a few AB and JT are U2's greatest albums. For me, SOE comes in the next group with TUF and HTDAAB
  3. Just wanted to know if anybody can advise what the balcony seats are like. I am a huge U2 fan and have been able to pick up two tickets for each of the first two NY shows - the other ticket being in the upper bowl section for the July 19 show. It looks like turning into a dream holiday for me travelling from Australia and I cant wait. I had planned and booked flight tickets and accommodation to visit the fascinating and energetic city and then U2 announced shows at MSG. Quickly re-planned dates and was able to pick up two tickets for the shows. Generally not too fussed picking up seats instead of GA tickets as I have seen many U2 shows from the GA section in stadium shows since ZOO but never in an arena which I am really looking forward to.
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