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  1. It's been fun to listen to- I like the little interview segments they play before the song. And the songs are a wide range, not just the singles- which I approve of!
  2. I'm not even signing up for it this time. It pissed me off too bad getting waitlisted the first time lol
  3. It happened to me too during the first general 'verified' onsale. You have to have a code for that, too. Apparently they only provide a certain number of 'verified' fans with an access code for the general sale.
  4. Oh jeez it leaked? Arg! It’s like trying not to peek at your Christmas presents when you accidentally find your husband’s hiding spot lol!
  5. I think we are all feeling a bit downtrodden after all this. I have to believe the band had good intentions with agreeing to the ‘Verified’ ticket sales, but that it didn’t go as imagined. I do wish the band would put up some sort of official statement or something about what happened though.
  6. My friends and I have been out to "The Tree" twice: once in 2006, then again 3 years later in 2009. I hope I can return again someday, even if the JT has disintegrated by then. At the risk of sounding cheesy, It's such a beautiful and peaceful spot.
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