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  1. Is there an official U2 authority on this site? In the real world (at home / or work) this type of service is a one way ticket to the court room.
  2. I wish i could help. You argument is similar to many U2 fans. I hope some take's TM to task over this shite service!!
  3. Not to mention the $50 annual subscription fee for U2.com most of used paid, just to guarantee pre-sale opportunity.
  4. Yes Leeds have a brand new indoor venue. U2 have played Leeds many times in the 80's and 90's. Leeds would work. Not heard anything about UK shows in 2016?
  5. I'm very surprised Manchester has been missed. Manchester Arena is the largest in the UK after the O2 London. U2 generally visit Manchester. I remember on the Elevation tour when U2 played 4 x nights in London and 2 x nights in Glasgow as same as next year. But on the Elevation tour they also played 2 x nights in both Manchester and Birmingham. Personally i think Liverpool Echo Arena would be a fitting venue. U2 are well known Beatles fans, and to my knowledge i can't remember in the last 30 years when U2 played Liverpool. Quite a large Irish connection in Liverpool also. Liverpool would be awesome and wild.
  6. Slightly off topic, but i have a problem with Ticket Master UK. My wife bought me 2 x GA Glasgow tickets. I'm going to take my best mate. Unfortunately me and my mate will not be able to attend the show. TM inform us (in their robotic corporate manner) that only the card holder can enter the venue. My wife must enter and take one other person. TM further explained we are at fault for not abiding by the strict purchasing rules for U2. The card holder 'must' enter the venue. My wife won't go. We live 200 miles away, and she is not keen on U2. It's a present for me, and i'm taking my best mate. So far, I'm struggling. Load of crap!!! There is already a thread explaining this. So sorry for repeating it here. But i'm that annoyed with reading the stories from North American U2 fans, then i felt i had to have a blast. Sorry All the best everyone x
  7. Bloody hell that's awful. What short sighted narrow minded process there appears in place. Hang in there. You have your membership numbers, subscription proof. No written 'law' stating how many tickets per household. None that I've seen. What if a household of 10 x students all subscribed to U2.com. All 10 x received pre-sales codes. You telling me only 2 x tickets would be allowed to the home address? Might as well have 1 x subscription per household. This is seriously flawed.
  8. latest email from Ticketmaster is pretty much the same as yesterday... "only the card holder and guests can gain entry into the arena. The card holder must be one of the party attending, and valid photo I.D required. If you are not able to attend, then your guests will not be allowed entry. Ticketmaster will gladly re-sell your tickets, then reimburse you the full price you paid, once we have re-sold your tickets. Please refer to full ticket instructions posted on the official U2 site. We hope you enjoy the show". Can someone from U2 management sort this please? I feel like I'm communicating with a corporate robot. My wife and i live 200 miles from the venue. My wife bought tickets as a Christmas present. She will not be attending. Only myself and my best mate are going. What is the problem? I can bring my wife's bank card and statement. WTF !! Please someone help.
  9. GA Glasgow for the 1st night. Very pleased and quite surprised to purchase them on Friday morning. I paid the $50 subscription fee, and it looks to be a good investment. By general sale on Monday this week only the very expensive tickets at £180 were available. Doubt i would pay that price. The actual price i paid for GA was £60. Not bad to be honest. I was expecting a lot more. Im happy.
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