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  1. Glasgow is over 200 miles north of Manchester. I've a hotel booked, the lot. I will seriously go ballistic if some jobs worth refuses me entry next year. I'm currently speaking with Ticketmaster on what options i have available to get me in? Take wife's credit card Take wife's credit card statement My own I.D Ticketmaster are rejecting all of the above. I just receive snotty emails saying they have done everything possible to make the U2 experience more enjoyable for true fans, and that it's my own responsibility to ready T&C' prior to booking tickets. In 30 odd years i have never known of anything as shite as this. I swear if i don't get in, i will cause a proper scene.
  2. My wife is currently speaking via email with Ticketmaster. So far it's our own fault for not abiding by the rules of purchase. Looks like we are knackered.
  3. My wife bought me and my friend a ticket for U2 at Glasgow next year. I've since been informed by Ticketmaster that my wife will need to enter the venue and show I.D. The card holder must be present when entering the arena. Ticketmaster rightly informed me i should of checked the T&C's before my wife ordered. Nice one. $50 dollar subscription to get a chance of pre-sales Now 2 x GA tickets will be going in the bin. Thanks Ticketmaster. Bollocks!
  4. Booked 2 x GA tickets for the Friday night at Glasgow. Worked out at £125 for 2 x tickets. Not cheap, but a lot better than i was expecting. I was expecting around the £90 mark, so i'm ok with this. Mind you, i paid the $50 subscription fee just to give myself a chance. Glad i did it. Hotel booked at the Premier Inn. All sorted.
  5. I paid my $50 subscription fee recently. I have received an email thanking me for my order. I've yet to receive any notification of pre-sale allowance. I feel i've been had.
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