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  1. https://youtu.be/DjaC8bZklq0 did I show you this? :-)
  2. see my trabant trip to Berlin for U2 gig as well as Hansa Studio....enjoy Piotr
  3. nice photos... ..please, see how I went 600km for U2 gig Piotr
  4. Folks, just see this 4 minutes video on how one Pole went 600km by Achtung Baby trabant for U2 gig... yes....it was me :-) and I am preparing special 25th anniversary of Achtung Baby albym next year, here in Warsaw, or maybe in your city :-) Enjoy Piotr
  5. Guys, I am going for the concert (24.09) by my #TrabantU2 Any advises, where to stay? See my fb profile for details.#TrabantU2 Piotr
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