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  1. Not really acceptable though is it after almost 40 years and thousands of pounds
  2. Fuck any bank sponsoring it mate, how much money do they need!!!!!
  3. or people from outside the country that cant have a Citi card I am very angry about this, and don't want to disrespect anyone so apologies in advance, but my favourite band have fucked up royally, do they not know the lengths we have to go to in order to see them across the world Could be worse I suppose, I could be in Australia
  4. so if you don't live in the USA, you are at a loss that don't seem very fair to me, but its ridiculous that certain card holders get 4 tix whilst paid up members get DIDDLYSQUATT thanks for the reply though, just gutted that my bucket list moment of seeing a band I first seen in 1980 in MSG being taken from me, very angry as I have spent weeks planning my trip from Scotland
  5. Im from the UK, Maybe I'm wrong but I aint even bloody heard of Citi card, how can they get tix versus verified fans, worst decision ever is it only Americans who can get this card??????????????
  6. some people wanting to travel to the other part of the world to see them, you cant do that with no tickets
  7. Been waiting 24 hours and have had 2 replies asking me to wait 12 hours and that someone would help, this aint right folks FFS
  8. hi big wave, I never got a code despite being verified and set up complete, emailed the help team and have been told someone will get back within 12 hours, what is the chances of tix still being available?????????
  9. no but I'll try your code since I never got 1
  10. no email no code, and a reply to my issue saying they will contact me in 12 hours, thanks a lot guys
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