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  1. I wanted to know anyone's experience/tips for Red zone. Will be my Fourth and fifth time seeing them, but first time getting RZ and very excited for it. I see check in times starting some time around 5pm. As much as I would love a rail spot and all that, I also know i'll be getting several beers and prob. have to go to the bathroom a few times so don't think it'll be worth it for me to try do this. How many people are in RZ estimated and if I get there at say 7:30, I should still have a very good view I would assume right??? And did anyone bother going back into GA at all? Is there many people waiting by the E stage....I've looked at a bit of the set lists but has it been a set same sequence where they go to E Stage? I know it's somewhere in the middle and for like 3 or 4 songs? I was tempted before whatever song they play before going over, getting a head start on anyone that may shift over there Any tips/info be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, long story short myself and 5 friends want to see u2 and tried buying 3 and 3 tix for the 7/18 show. I was successful for the first show and he was not. Said we'll try for the monday when they announced it and try for the same 3 and 3. He got them and I had 3 tix and then had some error message came just as i was in the submit order screen and lost them (trying to call TM but just getting a busy dialtone, prob. a lost cause.) I know it'll be tough (esp. w/3 tix), but have 3 tix for both shows and are trying to see if anyone prefers either date that may have 3 tix also? They are in chase bridge for 55 each. if anyone has same or even if pricier (can work out the difference) and wanted to switch for either show, let me know as we were all just trying to go together even though won't be sitting together.
  3. dam be kinda mad if it's opposite side. doesn't really make sense to me why this wouldn't be next to main stage considering it was an exta $250
  4. I'm figuring since the presales were hard enough to get GA or RZ, that monday's public sales will be about impossible to even try manage a good seat. However, anyone have any info on how the added shows have came up in the past. It looks as if they will add another 4 dates to MSG. Does anyone know if they will add these and have a presale for it once again or it'll be spontaneously added at some point monday ?? I'm thinking of not even attempting for the monday at 10 and just checking back in hopes of a newly added show later in the day and try jump on those. any thoughts?
  5. how much is the red zone ticket?
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