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  1. Got a ticket for a band in Frankfurt last October through even time and postage to Ireland cost more than the gig ticket,no print optionb or box office collection.
  2. Yes we got a presale code but i think they are from the UK pool of codes
  3. What were the rumoured Irish dates on the leaked Facebook post.would book hotel with free cancellation as they'll shoot up when announced
  4. Doesn't look likely,he is supposed to be down the country playing himself.
  5. Hi,can somebody please post prices of merchandise at the gigs in europe,are they the same as in the webstore. Has there been any city event shirts on this tour?
  6. Pitch 2,can't wait for this,wasn't let go to the Cork show 30 years ago.
  7. Standing ticket for Saturday is gone.
  8. I have been let down badly by a friend for the Glasgow shows and have a seated ticket for the Friday night show,block bk 050 row H,seat 8 ticket cost £180 will sell for £150. I am still going so can meet at gig. Also have standing ticket for Saturday night at face value,also going to this so getting in is not an issue.
  9. Hi Aidan I think there is something wrong with TM mobile sites, have you looked on a full desktop site, and is the money out of your account? Yeah checked desktop site and no money taken from account.
  10. Agreed - I have read that people who used their codes have them available for use again in some cases - and they probably did - but will not advertise it - I have been trying TM ie and UK since the first minute as well - I get it - they are limited in number - but its hard to police this when the technology is in error[/quote If people have reused codes them tickets have been cancelled.I used mine in initial announcement because Irish dates were looking bleak and chanced yesterday and got one ticket which has since been cancelled so anyone else that tried to re use code will find the same when they check their ticketmaster account.
  11. Might be of help to somebody, mine was a single seat for the Friday night of Dublin that got cancelled.wasn't a great one but it was block L.so might be worth a shot for someone.
  12. Chanced buying a ticket for the Friday night in Dublin in presale yesterday and see on my account it's showing up as no charge so imagine it's cancelled.anyone else chance their luck. My Glasgow tickets are still in place as far as I can see thankfully.
  13. Well 20 mins to go,do people think it's worth taking the chance of re using pre sale code
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