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  1. It was sold out in 7 minutes according to newspapers. There are still some tickets left; mostly €180,- tickets for 12th en 13th. To expensive for me...
  2. Helaas heb ik niets te ruilen, maar Ticketmaster was me niet goed gezind beide keren. Ik heb zelf 2x GA voor de 8e, maar zoek er nog 3 sta/zitplaatsen bij in de categorie 75,- Of nog 4 tickets voor de 9e/12e/13e. Anyone? Unfortunately nothing to trade, Ticketmaster was not my biggest friend both pre-sale days. Ik got 2 GA's for myself the 8th, but searching for another 3 GA's/seats in the pricerange of 75,- Or another 4 tickets voor the 9th/12th/13th. Anyone?
  3. I got 'in' at 10.00, but al options for 4 seats were unavaillable.... Cry cry!! If someone has 4 spare tickets voor 8/9/12/13 september? I would be happy to buy them? Got GA for myself the 8th, but want to bring my family. Thanks!
  4. Tried that, but the site says 'not availlable'...
  5. Got two tickets for Amsterdam in the pre-sale last week. Tried to get another 2-3 tickets for the rest of the family, but unfortunatly that didn't work out this morning. So if anyone has 2 (max 3) some spare tickets?! Would live to buy them!
  6. Going nuts... waiting, waiting, waiting... Using laptop, tablet en phone. Calling them won´t work... to busy
  7. @ Claire; thanks for the idea! Did the same thing! Got the pre-sale code (account info). Still no email to confirm my emailadress, so no mail with the code and instructions how to get to the pre-sale.
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