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  1. Is the band at Flannery's playing U2 music? Their website nor Facebook has no idication that anything is going on Saturday afternoon.
  2. To honor Canada's 150 Birthday the boys will be in Ottawa on Canada Day. Ok they aren't playing JT all the through but only one TBA song then beeline to an Airport to get to Cleveland. Probably quite doable but does provide a bit of anxiety for us fans going to Cleveland. On a side note quite interesting that on July 4 the Band will be home in Ireland instead of playing JT; the album about the two Americas and a protest of Reagan and now Trump. The timing is probably not accidental.
  3. Anyone know of any Pre Concert gatherings on Friday? For Toronto the U2 tribute band Acrobat (with U2BROTHR) had an 'Official pre-concert' party at a Toronto bar. Does anyone know of anything like that in Cleveland?
  4. We arrived at 630 pm. Lumineers scheduled for 7 pm. Easily able to get spot near top of tree in RZ just 3 rows back. Formed a tribe with about half dozen die hard fans and we protected our space near the rail as we took potty and beverage breaks. Even had an incident where a couple came late and snuck in front of us. The verbal uproar was intense and after some negotiation and Security involvement they moved to the back of the RZ. It was a bit ridiculous that we were all so close and were able to afford RZ and the charity involved with (RED) but we made a stink about the two party crashes. Thankfully it ended well with no one getting tossed out or a physical altercation.
  5. It seems the only way to buy/sell RZ would be to meet the buyer(s) at the RZ tent just outside the stadium and the seller (the one who presents ID) would also get wristband put on at the same time. The arrangement of buying/selling would obviously work well if you met the people beforehand or they were friends. I suppose CraigsList could play into this arrangement but sounds like it could be a bit risky for seller and/or buyer
  6. I don't think there is anyway you two cannot show up together. If I recall correctly from the Pgh show we (two of us, purchased by me, I had to show ID) were given our Red Zone credentials (ticket with lanyard and RZ and separate GA wristbands) at a little tent 50 yards from the actual security entrance and ticket scan. After getting our RZ credentials we did go directly to the entrance but I think you could hang back and not go in directly. This doesn't help your case but if for some reason one person bought multiple RZ but all did not want to go in early I think it is doable but you still have to get your wristbands at the same time.
  7. I was in RZ in Pgh two deep from Rail near Joshua Tree top and didn't get there until 6:30 PM I actually thought RZ in Pgh was 'relatively empty'. There was plenty of space in the back half. The photo is a bit misleading.
  8. I'm going somewhere else after two RZs. I did RZ in Pgh and will do RZ in Cleve but doing Stands in Buffalo. Two reasons: I actually think it will sound better a little farther back and the video screen is probably made for the stands not the rail. Don't get be wrong I love RZ and it looks and sounds fine but I think another perspective would be cool. So... since you already did stands it is really a toss-up if you do RZ again.
  9. 5 days prior at 6 PM ET. For Pgh June 7th rcvd email on June 2nd.
  10. Like zooropamofo I am also a huge Bruce and U2 fan. I saw The River tour three times in 2016. The first two I saw they played The River straight through from the beginning and it was awesome. The third time The River was not played. I think sometime during the first half of 2016 they announced that on the last leg The River would not be played (not sure if tickets for this leg were sold before or after the announcement.) Anyway the point is bands and set lists change while on tour; however, I'm sure glad I got to see The River redux. As far as The Joshua Tree I surely hope they play straight through and as much as I love the first three 'hits' I am more stoked about the second half of the album. Especially 7. "In God's Country" 8. "Trip Through Your Wires" and 9. "One Tree Hill". For some reason this trio are my favorites on the album.
  11. Pittsburgh then 3 weeks later Cleveland. Both RZ. Expenses not too bad as I am local to Pgh and have friends to stay with in Cleve. My dream would be to use my Final two Pre-Sale codes for an added show in Europe!
  12. Another problem for the Pittsburgh show is that Tom Petty is bringing his 40th year (and final?) Tour to Pgh two days later. Friday June 9th. Tickets for TP went on sale and sold out over a month ago so Yinzers already bought those before U2 announced and may not want or afford a 2nd show in the same week. (Personally, I am stoked and have tickets to both JT and TP in Pgh)
  13. The other great thing about RZ is that the TM service fee is only $4.50 total per Order regardless of how many RZ tickets (1,2,3 or 4) you buy whereas TM fees on $280 good seats are around $32.00 per ticket!
  14. I got 4 RZ for Cleveland at 10 AM ET!!! I had two Browsers opened and one was a full 10 seconds ahead on the countdown clock. i was using my work VPN (virtual private network) which for some reason was ahead of the other connection. Totally stoked: 2 RZ pre-sale in Pgh and 4 RZ general sale in Cleve. Saving my other 2 pre-sale for an added date somewhere................
  15. I saw Springsteen's River reunion Tour last year three times. Twice he played The River straight thru (20 songs) in order after opening with a non River song. It was magical. I think U2 will play JT in order at some point in the concert.
  16. I think there is a good chance Cleveland will get a second night. Couple of reasons: Cleveland is the last date on the US Leg with one week before Europe, seems like the Cleve July 1 gig is close to a sell out already. Day of week is Saturday with Sunday a good add-on date. No way they add Friday as Metlife (NJ NYC) is days before and will most likely get another night. Thoughts?
  17. I got two RZ tix on first minute of Pre-Sale with no issues. I've been checking TM since and there still seems to be plenty of tix for Pgh Heinz Field while Cleveland not much. Most likely because of the day (Pgh -Weds and Cleve-Sat) and Cleveland is the last date on the US Leg. I am holding that Cleveland will get a second night (e.g. Sunday July 2) before they head to Europe a week later. Can't see Pgh getting a second date for multiple reasons: 1) Will one Pgh concert even sell out? 2) Date follows Chicago too closely 3) Bonnaroo follows right after Pgh
  18. This directly from TM. When I bought my Pittsburgh RZ tix I did some research: U2 The Joshua Tree Tour VIP Packages See the show as a VIP! Select from four amazing VIP Packages which can include: VIP Party Package $587.75 in Level 1 Premium reserved price level 1 ticket Pre show buffet dinner and bar (beer & wine) *food offerings may vary U2 Tour VIP gift, not available to general public Access to the VIP merchandise stand One parking space per order (where available) Entry into a drawing for a pre show backstage tour On-site VIP concierge Limited availability" Please note: The East Rutherford show will have a standing cocktail rather than buffet. Toronto, ON does not include a parking pass. VIP Gold Fan Package $417.75 in Level 1 Premium reserved price level 1 ticket Exclusive U2 Tour VIP gift, not available to general public - shipping included! Limited availability" VIP Silver Fan Package Premium reserved price level 2 ticket $287.75 ea Exclusive U2 Tour VIP gift, not available to general public - shipping included! Limited availability (RED) Zone $342.75 ea The (RED) Zone gives you access to an exclusive VIP area directly adjacent to the Stage with special amenities and dedicated staff, all while raising money in support of (RED) and the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Special features include: Barricaded area immediately adjacent to the Stage Extremely limited capacity VIP Entrance to the venue Collectors souvenir ticket An opportunity to be selected for a pre show backstage tour Access to purchase pre-show refreshments A portion of the proceeds from your purchase supports the (RED) campaign Please note: Your merchandise items that are included in the Party Package will be available for pickup at the venue the day of the show. All other VIP Packages merchandise items that are included will be shipped directly to the address provided at purchase (alternate shipping addresses are not permitted.) Delivery of merchandise could occur after the event date. All VIP tickets will be issued at the designated VIP check in location (or other designated location at the venue) prior to the show on the date of the event only. CHECK-IN LOCATION & TIME INFORMATION WILL BE EMAILED OUT 3-5 DAYS PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE SHOW. If you have not received this 3 days before the show, please contact us immediately. Certain packages are will-call only. All packages are NON-REFUNDABLE outside the first 24 hrs. of purchase. All sales are final. You must bring a valid PHOTO ID matching the PURCHASER/ATTENDEE NAME on this order. Those who cannot present a photo ID matching the PURCHASER name on the order will be turned away. This offer is not valid if tickets are purchased through third party reseller. U2 VIP Packages cannot be resold.
  19. I totally thought RZ was worth it even for I&E. It was awesome having a special entrance. No waiting, on the rail or slightly back with plenty of room, easy access to rest rooms and the bar (they kind of go hand in hand). For JT being that it is a Stadium tour I think RZ is more valuable. I probably do 1 or maybe 2 shows this time in RZ. It does get a little pricey. But, honestly, I think RZ is perfect for Baby Boomers who grew up with U2 and may have a little more disposable income and are done with waiting in line for hours. I'm not sure if the perks for VIP tix make them better than RZ as they are much further away than RZ and cost more.
  20. RZ includes a Collectors souvenir ticket. Strangely the VIP tickets (some VIP levels costing more than RZ) do not list a souvenir ticket as part of the package.
  21. No problem getting 2 RZ for Pittsburgh at $350 each at 9 AM. Only took a couple of minutes. CC entry, of course, which I like - damn the re-sellers. I believe this is the same RZ price I paid for MSQ NYC in 2015. NYC was my first RZ experience and it was totally worth it. Met a lot of super U2 fans and were up close and personal to the guys and Bruce Springsteen's guest appearance. Going to go for 4 Best Available w/o code on Monday general sale as I am going with friends from Cleveland who are not U2 members. I'm holding out my other 2 pre-sale for potential added dates somewhere cooler than Pittsburgh or Cleveland.
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