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  1. Ryanair

    Thanks for all your input. 2 tiks for Dublin in the bag. Cant wait, 1st time seeing the boys in Dublin!!!!!
  2. Ryanair

    Anybody know when Ryanair release their flights to Dublin in for November?
  3. I've just swapped 4 GA paper tickets for 4 GA souvenir with lanyards SAT for SUN and am panicking a bit as the lanyard tiks have the buyers name printed on them and am worried they'll want to see ID on entry. Does anyone know if ID or credit card authentication will be required?
  4. Ticket Swap Twickenham 4 x GA SAT for SUN

    Sorry both, im all sorted now! GOOD LUCK
  5. I have 4 X GA Tickets for Saturday the 8th June but cant go so would like to swap for 4 x GA Sunday 9th June.
  6. can i buy extra tickets

    I have 4 x tickets for Twickenham 8th July purchased in the presale with code. Can i also buy tickets in the public sale for 9th July?
  7. 2 GA FOR 26TH

    Get onto AXS website. Just got 2 x GA for Sunday
  8. heads up - AXS site showing tix right now (7PM 22nd Oct)

    YES YES YES Just bought 2 x standing tiks for the O2 opening night on AXS website!!!!!!!!