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  1. Whenever we go to the SAP Center for a concert, we stay here: https://www.destinationhotels.com/hotel-de-anza It’s a very nice place, easy walk to the venue and local bars and restaurants. Have a safe trip and enjoy!
  2. Songs youd love to hear on this tour

    That was our wedding song too. 26 years! I want to hear more Achtung and Rattle and Hum. My first show was War in 1983. I miss some of the really old stuff. I would love to hear a cut or two from October. Gloria, Tomorrow, I Threw a Brick Through a Window, Rejoice...
  3. Rattle And Hum songs on E&I tour?

    When Rattle and Hum came out in theaters, we saw it twice on opening day, and again the next morning. The original songs are incredible, and yes underrated. Desire is my favorite, but Angel of Harlem, When Love Comes to Town, All I Want is You, God Part II....lots of good stuff. Here's hoping!
  4. Time For Drowning Man On This Tour

    That’s so weird I was just thinking how much I’d love to hear Drowning Man this time. Great call!
  5. Lady with the Spinning Head! Nice.... I'd love to hear Kite and City of Blinding Lights. I agree I could live without Sunday, NYD, Pride, and One. I'd not only keep Every Breaking Wave, I'd add Cedarwood Road too. If they play something from October, especially I Threw a Brick Through a Window, my life will be complete.
  6. I definitely want to hear Red Flag Day. I haven't seen any love for The Showman. I'm totally hooked on that song!
  7. Vegas, Baby!

    Fair enough. I was thinking about upgrading our seats, and offering the ones I have now, but it finally sunk in that nobody wants them! Everyone looking for Vegas tickets only want GA. If they wanted seats they would have already purchased them.
  8. Vegas, Baby!

    There are lots of seats available for Las Vegas, but everyone wants GA. Is that strictly a money thing? Or do you really like GA better than seats? Stub Hub...the cheapest GA tickets they have are $475 each! That’s crazy.
  9. Our tracker says delivery on 12/13. I can only assume they're walking it to my house.
  10. This whole thing was supposed to be a way to stop the scalpers. Yet Ticketmaster allows resale tickets on its website. They get fees on the original sale, and they collect fees on the resale. If you go to the Ticketmaster page for San Jose, and choose the “best seats” option, you’ll see all the top listings are resale tickets, ranging from $500-$900. So any pretense of “preventing scalping” is complete and utter BS. Ticketmaster is the scalper. Frankly, I think this practice is disgraceful, but hey... there’s a profit to be had. God Bless America.
  11. I was very happy to hear A Sort of Homecoming and Bad on JT. Elevation and Beautiful Day as well. I would like to hear more from Achtung Baby (The Fly, Until the End of the World) and Rattle and Hum (Desire, Angel of Harlem). and I know it will never happen, but I would LOVE to hear some songs from October. I love that album and have since it first came out. Gloria, Rejoice, Tomorrow.... A guy can dream, can’t he??
  12. I do want to say that I contacted U2 support, and they got back to me right away and gave me another code. I just ordered the CD.
  13. Same thing happened to me. I feel like an idiot. I had just assumed the code would be for iTunes (or whatever music service you use). Instead it’s a zip file which of course can’t go on your iPhone. And now I’ve used my code, and it won’t let me download it. It wouldn’t do me any good on my desktop computer anyway. Bah!!!
  14. I'm a bit confused as well. I got my email with my codes on Nov. 17, and it said digital download would be available today. So of course first thing when I woke up, I followed the link in my email, but when I get to "select format", CD is the only option. Is the digital download going to be available later today?