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  1. Thank you for the information. Our last trip to Amsterdam was a bit hurried and we couldn't do many things. Would love to try cycling, Heineken Experience or maybe even Giethoorn day trip if it is worth the effort. Let us hope that we choose the right things.
  2. Hi Gogme United This will be my second time to Ziggo Dome with 1st visit during the 2015 concert. Could you advise where do the U2 fans generally go for Pre show and aftershow get together at a pub. Are there any particular pubs that are famous for U2 fans ? Also, is there any place in Amsterdam that sell U2 related souvenirs. Also, could you confirm that U2's hotel is Amstel in Amsterdam and usually what time and which place would be great for the possibility of catching them in person. I'm a die hard fan from India and would love to meet them in person if there is a possibility of meeting them in front of their hotel for probably even a few seconds.
  3. With Adam confirming in a recent interview that they will not be touring next year, and (rumor) unconfirmed news of them signing another 10 year contract with Live Nation. I also feel the same that they will do a Achtung Baby 30 Anniversary tour considering how successful the TJT tour was. Also, as AB was their Best album till date, the AB anniversary tour should be even more popular amongst the fans leading to more $$$. I think we are now in the Final Decade of their Career and the band will make sure to make it count until the end with such tours and i'm sure with at least 1-2 more albums down the line.
  4. 3 Tours in 3 years and 2 albums... i consider myself lucky to have seen them live 1st time in 2015 and then again in Dublin last year and now looking forward to completing the circle of I&E in Amsterdam this year. Songs of Experience album completed the idea of I&E song albums beautifully with '13'. I really believe that there is another album in the back of their minds which in all likely hood should be titled Songs of Ascent. I remember reading their manager's interview recently where he even admitted to being open to the idea of a 30 Year Anniversary tour (their Best Album ever) celebrating 'Achtung baby' which i think will be possible in 2021. Another Album before 2020 year end seems unlikely to me at the moment considering how much they have been on the road lately & that they will have to be back on the Road again after the release of the next new album.
  5. Is it worth waiting for the 2nd/3rd shows declaration like they did during SOI. With 3 to 4 shows in major cities i think it is better to hold in case one is flexible in terms of the city they can go to.
  6. I've been to Paris & Rome so i'm looking forward to exploring a new city like maybe London, Brussels or even Vienna if they decide to tour there for SOE. But my mind keeps going back to Dublin & Amsterdam as well considering how good they were. More for Dublin because of the way the whole city was decked up in the days leading up to the concert day & the festive mood in the air in Pubs with fans from all over the world on the day of the Concert. But i have been dragging my wife along on this U2 concert adventure twice already even after she is not as big a fan as me so convincing her to go to Dublin again will not be easy. Let us see the Venues they decide for the next tour. Will check with you guys in this forum at that time.
  7. When I look at the world from ATYCLB.
  8. Probably one of the very few die hard fans from India. Love for U2 is taking me around the world and already looking forward to my next concert in a new city.

  9. Having seen them live only twice, once in Amsterdam for SOI and in Dublin for TJT tour, I'm already thinking for the SOE tour and wondering which other city will be the best place to see them live. Can the other fans please advise which other city is a must visit for live U2 concert. I really liked the energy at The Temple Bar area in Dublin on the day of the concert with fans from all over the world enjoying together before heading to the Croke Park. Is there another place in Europe which has almost similar atmosphere as in Dublin on the day of the concert.
  10. Any idea what time one should leave and reach the for Hogan Stand seats. For the seats i hope there is not going to be much delay in getting inside. Also any idea which places are having live tribute bands playing right now.
  11. Thank you Heather & Carl... for sharing your experience. I'm looking forward to the Dublin experience and after seeing the recent pictures of the Coldplay concert at Croke Park i'm really excited. It looks amazing...
  12. Faraway... so close. ? This song is my favorite as well but highly unlikely they will change the set list now.
  13. @paulobrennan Thanks for sharing your experience. I just needed that.?
  14. Oh c'mon... I was just a little disappointed with so much light taking away the nice effect of the 8K background screen and also the beautiful effect of people's phone light during the song 'Bad'. This will be only my 2nd U2 Concert and I was looking forward to it especially as it is my 1st concert In Dublin. I'm sure you've been to plenty of U2 concerts. Sorry if I didn't meet your standards of living an ideal U2 fan life.
  15. I got mine couriered through DHL for which I happily agreed to pay extra. Got them in 2 days from Dublin to New Delhi. Thanks to their support team who checked with me about it. Had the option to home Print tickets or collect from their office in Dublin but thought it would be better to get them sent by Express courier before I reach there.
  16. I just noticed in London concert pics that it wasn't dark by the time they started playing TJT album Songs. I was really looking forward to see them at Croke Park with Sun completely set but it seems it will be even more day light during Dublin Concert as the sunset time for Dublin is 09:51 pm which is even more than London at the moment. Please someone tell me that it will be even better than what I'm seeing in London pics with the GA looking half empty and daylight... it just doesn't seem the same like it did during US shows as seen in all the pics. Nevertheless this being my first time in Dublin for U2 concert, I'm sure it will still be a memorable dream come true for me.
  17. Coming to Dublin first time all the way from India along with my wife. This will be my 2nd U2 concert after Amsterdam I&E tour.
  18. I'm from India and its the same story with me. They have dispatched another set of Tickets which should have reached by now but i have been told that i can ask them to send the home printable tickets by e-mail in case i don't receive them soon. You should check with Ticketmaster e-mail support... they will help you out with this.
  19. It's a long shot but in case if anyone with 2 GA pitch tickets wants to exchange it with my LOW 329 seated Collector's tickets in case somebody prefers seats over Standing GA then please let me know.
  20. Still haven't received mine yet in India. It says online that the tickets haven't been dispatched yet on Tickemaster.ie But their customer care email said last week that they have been dispatched by standard mail and we should expect to receive them in June anytime soon. They also confirmed that it will not reflect online if they have been dispatched. The one's who have received their collectors Ticket please confirm if it did say online in their account that they haven't been dispatched yet. I'm getting anxious as the date comes nearer. I remember for the i&e concert in Amsterdam I received the collectors tickets well in advance. What if they get lost in transit... I just hope that there is some provision to collect them in person in Dublin.
  21. That's great... Will you be planning for 20 or 21 July ? Will make sure to catch up with you guys.
  22. I have been a die hard U2 fan since year 2000 when i heard their album ATYCLB which was my 1st U2 album. It was when i saw their Live in Boston Elevation tour on DVD i realized how much i want to see their concert live. The raw passion and energy in the stadium was something i wanted to experience myself so badly. Living in India i hoped that they will one day perform in my country but i saw Elevation, Vertigo and U2360 tour come and go and slowly it dawned on me that that they might never come to India. With age catching up on the band i knew i better make it to one of the cities in the next tour. That led me to my 1st concert during the I&E concert in Amsterdam and it was an out of this world experience for me. As any U2 fan i also wished to see them live at Croke Park in Dublin and what better way than watch them perform the best Album of their career, The Joshua Tree. I have booked my tickets, Air and concert. Done my booking on AirBnb for my stay from 19 to 24 July for the complete Dublin experience. So now i along with my wife look forward to meeting other U2 fans on the nights leading up to the concert. From around the world like me and of course the locals, to make this experience even more memorable. Let us please meet some place on the 20/21 July evening at one of the Irish Pubs in Dublin and make it one big gathering of U2 fans. So is anyone interested ?
  23. Its crazy put there on Airbnb... just booked a place for around Eur 80 a night which is around 15 drive from Croke park. Crumlin area if i remember right. My first time im Dublin so had to take help of Maps to finlaize the right option. Its crazy as i have never seen places getting booked this fast within a day on Airbnb. I have tried Amsterdam during I&E tour and it was smooth sailing in comparison.
  24. Precisely the reason why i chose Dublin of all the cities. I'm looking forward to the atmosphere around the bars/pubs in the days leading up to the D day. I have no clue about where to stay... will want a place at bargain. Someplace cheap which is not too far from the city hub. Its a sweet coincidence that i end up loving everything Irish... be it U2, Jameson, Guiness, Irish coffee and now Bushmills which i tried recently. Would love to explore some old Irish music played by fhe licals somewhere. Aaah... there will be so much to look forward to. If you know the place then please recommend me some places. Thanks...
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