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    Still no ticket, still no response...

    It turns out, I could finally get an sms after trying for a week. Still not happy with the sms ticket arrangement but at least now I have a possibility of entering the venue.
  2. anian

    Still no ticket, still no response...

    No, I have an OCD about stuff like that, so the number is ok. I have installed the app (only in german...because everybody speaks german) and it just pushes out a barcode, which is just ridiculous, I don't knoe what Im going to do with that at the enterance or how they're going to know there's two of us with one mobile...just ridiculous. But thanks. So this sms stuff is just for german concerts!?
  3. In short, anybody else having trouble with tickets from I really can't find any topic that's related to European part of tour (Cologne/Koln) specifically. There's a lot of trouble with Ticketmaster and USA tickets but this is not the same company (I think, but I don't care). I'm actually from Croatia and when I was buying tickets at the innocence presale time, the page directed me to and that's where I bought the tickets. My first shock was this BS about no physical ticket, for whomever thought of that, there's a special place in hell to rot until the end of the world and more. This will cause so much unhappiness and anger at the time people enter the concert, I wouldn't be surprised if there was riot. Why is there not an option for a physical ticket, did the simplicity of 200 years of experience of concert shows pose some concerns about whether 2015. will be problematic in that area? Why can't I go to my local eventim shop and have it printed out before I go to the concert or something. The second thing was that it is now Dec 12th and still no sms. I got the confirmation email and the page said I was sent an sms (I even tried the resend option)...still nothing. Since then I have sent an inquiry to but there was no response. They lost no time in taking my money though and adding new dates for concerts in Germany, but dead silence for the people who already paid. Not only that but they want me to pay to call them for customer service (so their page says). Now the weird thing is I bought 2 tickets for one concerts while my buddy bought them for the other and he has not received an sms either (even has a different phone and paid with a different credit card company). So it's leading me to believe the problem is a bit larger. Third thing, the page states in a big blue logo and under Payments methods page, that they take American Express cards and that is not true (they don't have it as an option to pay with), but that's a lawsuit for another time.