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  1. Those were probably the seats I originally had and lost - the 31st row directly across from the stage. Now I'm so high up, I'll probably pass out from the elevation. I almost couldn't believe that the $100 seats that were coming up were way up in the 500 level. I wasn't paying that kinda money to sit up there. Then the lower bowl seats were over $700 for 4 tickets. I was happy to see those $70 GA tickets for many reasons.
  2. Ah, the time zone difference. Makes sense. We're you limited to your time zone for venues? Looks like the pre-sales opened at 9:00 am in the time zone of the venue. 9:00 EST for Cleveland, 9:00 CST for Chicago etc. The Ticketmaster server is always clogged up and says no ticket are available in the early minutes of these big events. I've heard of people getting pre-sale tickets 8 hours after being told that no tickets are available initially. The tickets get stuck in the queues of the early shoppers and unfortunately the scalpers' bot programs. The many tickets that don't end up being purchased get tossed back into availability eventually.
  3. Or just a lot more recent subscribers in the Wires group trying for a comparable number of tickets.
  4. Presale opened at 9 EST and I bought the tickets just before 10 EST
  5. I bought 4 floors for Cleveland on my phone in a nick of time before becoming desperate and spending $700 for 4 lower bowl seats on my computer. Awfully expensive for seats in the 31st row halfway back in a football stadium! I got the tickets an hour after the Wires presale opened. For everyone having trouble, keep trying. Tickets usually become more plentiful after the initial logjam clears.
  6. I managed to get 4 floors for Cleveland about an hour after the Wires presale opened. There was practically nothing at first and then some seats started becoming available. I'm happy that I was searching on both my phone and computer. I came this close <holds thumb and index finger close together> to spending $700 for lower bowl seats on my computer when the floors for half the price suddenly popped up on the phone. Keep trying. You may still have some luck when the initial logjam clears up.
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