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  1. Bonus video: This was taken around Saturday 4am. I hadn't realized what I looked like, my friends showed me, and then I spent half an hour just going to up people walking by and asking them if I looked crazy. The best was at one point I turn around and this group of 3 guys just startled they just went "holy shit"... my whole crew was laughing 'cause it was the most appropriate response HAHA! I should point out my mirror ball hat is entirely covered with mirror ball pieces, that I spent over 20 hours glue-gunning each piece. I should have gotten a better photo of that. I MISS BONO-ROO SO MUCH! THE GREATEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE! PLEASE COME BACK! OR PLAY COACHELLA! OR ANY OTHER MUSIC FESTIVAL! I MISS IT SO MUCH
  2. Mods, I posted this in the general section, but I wanted to post it here as well for posterity, and since this sub-forum has only a couple posts, it'd be easier to retrieve in the future. Thanks! Pictures here in an imgur album:
  3. 4 costumes, 4 nights! Thursday - Boxer Bono! Friday, show day - Macphisto! Saturday - Mirror Ball Man! Sunday - The Fly! The Mirror Ball Hat took me 20 hours! But it'll all be worth it. If you're going to Bonnaroo, I'll be in the Le Bon Souvienir GA, right outside the Bonnaroo Arch. Look for my flag (uploaded to this thread), and, my Popmart arch, lemon, and toothpick & olive! You can see a preview of the arch on my Instagram U2PopForRoo! Come say hi!!!
  4. 33. 15 times. 2 Elevation 1 Vertigo 4 360 8 i+e Upcoming: Bonnaroo, Toronto.
  5. No there ain't. And if you wanna prove me wrong may god make this my last night on Earth
  6. I'm really really hoping to hear at least one song from Pop at Bonnaroo. I started a "petition" like Instagram account. You can follow or just view at @U2Popforroo I know this is the main site, so hopefully we don't need more exposure, but if we do, send @U2 PMs and tweets with any of the posts on my Instagram account. My hopes is to get the word to the band to play some funky, colorful, dancey tunes to send us into late night proper. That is of course, they don't already know that. If you're part of the U2 team, puuuleeeeeease tell the band everyone at their Bonnaroo set will be flying on some sort of substance, and a colorful send off would be just, perfect. Besides, IT IS the 20th anniversary. Come on boys, show Pop some love! If there were ever a time to do it, Bonnaroo would be that time! Thanks guys and hope to see you at Bonnaroooooooooooooo
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