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    That really does seem so unfair. So sorry. Referring to a later comment, I'm confused as to how GA can be behind the stage. I just assumed GA would be mean you can go anywhere within the GA section, no? And we are a bit frustrated here in Bellingham, WA as well. I and a friend each bought GA tickets in the PreSale for the second Vancouver show (the presale started at 10 a.m. and by 10: 02 we completed the purchase) and we were charged the GA ticket price, only later to discover we have been given seated tickets on opposite ends of the arena, and my two are for, what appears to be, behind the stage. We did see that the tickets had section, row and seat numbers, but all of our GA tickets for past shows showed the same, for inventory purposes. We believed that to be the case with these. Apparently not. We have contacted Ticketmaster several times, though, as you can imagine, that has not gone well. So we have paid for tickets we really never ordered. We're trying to remain positive, but this is so very disappointing. Has this happened to anyone else...purchasing GA tickets, but given seated? A side note: we were able to purchase two GA tickets as an engagement gift for our daughter and her fiancé during the general public sale, and that went through fine...they are indeed GA. If we would have known ours weren't, we would have tried for two more during the general sale. Now in a group of six of us, we are separated in three different parts of the arena. Not the experience we were looking forward to.
  2. My friend and I both bought GA tickets (or so we thought) for the second Vancouver show during the presale, though our print outs indicate a section, row, and seat numbers. We both clicked on Standing General Admissions/Floor and the order went through and we were charged the GA price. Ticketmaster says they are indeed seated tickets. We really don't know how this has happened. My initial thoughts were that section/row/seat numbers were assigned maybe for inventory purposes (that was the case with past tickets), but I see others posts saying their tickets say N-Floor. Any thoughts you all have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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