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  1. I imagine the line that has started is for the Thursday night show? Any idea when the line for the Friday show will start? Was planning to get the garden Friday morning around 6am. Any idea what my chances would be to get a number below 100?
  2. I emailed CustomerService@tdgarden.com yesterday and this is the response i got. It sounds like wristband will only be given once the doors open for the concert, not before. I suppose the response is open to interpretation. Anyone have more info? "Our policy for wristbands is to give them out in numeric order upon arrival, as you are entering the arena. Wristbands will not be given out at any time before doors opening. If people are here at 6 AM, then yes they would get the first wristbands. However, please keep in mind that doors will not open any earlier than an hour and a half prior to show start."
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