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  1. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night....." Arrived in Canada Listened to it once just to make sure there were no problems and plan to really listen next week-end
  2. And one more : just received the e-mail this morning but according to the tracking information it hasn't shipped yet. Shipping to Canada Luc
  3. It's kind of quiet at the office today 😴 so just for fun I tried to see what kind of tickets were left . As of 2 minutes ago it seems I could purchase quite easily (if I wanted them) 4 GA or 4 RZ in the RedHill pre-sale So probably one of the easier show to get a good ticket. Luc
  4. And , finally , I have received the 2017 Gift . Had to send an e-mail thru the Help section but once I got an answer it went pretty quickly (3 weeks) Luc
  5. Received my U2 3D vinyl last week in Montreal Still waiting for the 2017 gift ? Luc
  6. "People used their devices to film snippets" Except the guy in front of me (and next to the security guy) who filmed non-stop the first hour of the show (and spent at least 10 minutes before Bono appeared on stage filming the static image on the screen) ☹️ Luc
  7. Based strictly on last night in Montreal . Red Zone was a bit of a disappointment this time around compared to 2015 : we're not as close to the catwalk from the I to E stages . There is a GA section (about 8-10 rows of people) between the catwalk and RZ . If you get there really early you might get a spot right in front of the main stage (in front of Adam or Edge , I think that's the closest you could get to the stage in the RZ) but people were already lining up around 16:15 and there is only room for about 6 people at that spot. Not sure about the bar . Luc
  8. Not sure about cameras but phones everywhere where out for filming
  9. There also a map but the system keeps telling me that I can only upload 798 Ko when I try to post it
  10. <div class="noscript-warning"> JavaScript is currently disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled to take full advantage of Box.</div>
  11. Looks like they might be a little late with the e-mail : last time around I received it on June 10th 2015 (around noon) for the June 13th show. Luc
  12. And I'm back from vacation , just in time to see a see a whole bunch of top priced ($199+$360) seats in sections 101-102-112-113-114-124 . Close to the floor but still no GA drop . Luc
  13. As long as you don't take advantage : 1 hour might be too long for a bathroom break or a bathroom break every 5 minutes might be exagerated or they might not be as welcoming if you come back with a dozen of your closest friends Luc
  14. Another so-so drop this morning , mostly overpriced seats far from the stage , one section each in price levels 1 , 2 and 3
  15. Vacation + visiting relatives , basically looking for some reprieve from the "wonderful" Montreal weather Luc
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