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  1. If your card expires before the concert date, just bring it along with you (even though it's invalid) to the show. They will honor it. If you lose it or it is stolen between now and then, you need to call TM customer support and explain your dilemma. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi, There will be plenty of seats available for all sections, at all shows that are going on sale Monday. The presales don't necessarily mean that an entire section has sold out to the customers in the pre-sale. Pre-sales will include a limited number of tickets in all sections available to those pre-sale participants. But most tickets will still be available at the public on-sale date. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi, The Red Zone will be located directly flanking either side of the main stage. The SAP seating map is slightly misleading as it looks like the main stage is on the right hand side, with the long catwalk leading to a B-Stage. What appears to be the main stage on the right is actually the sound area and work crew areas (if you read the fine print). You got the great Red Zone seats that will get you closest to the band during the show. Hope that clears up any confusion!
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