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  1. mattgarcia71

    2 tixs for Sat. 9L

    $120: $100 + $20 fees
  2. mattgarcia71

    2 tixs for Sat. 9L

    I have a couple extra tickets for tonight's (Sat) show. Section 9L. Face Value. Let me know. Thanks
  3. Anyone have available a parking pass to today's show in the red or green lots. Please let me know thanks.
  4. mattgarcia71

    Travel package for sale

    How much are you asking?
  5. Yeah people just smoke weed but that's cool and hip so it's OK. Cigarettes though..yuck (Sarcasm)
  6. mattgarcia71

    Levi Stadium Red Zone Information

    The show says it starts at 630 which is an hour before Vancouver and Seattle
  7. mattgarcia71

    Red Zone experiences?

    Section 226 Row 11 with seats on the aisle closer to center stage
  8. mattgarcia71

    Red Zone experiences?

    Gloria..definitely get tickets for the upper level the second night! Your experience will be completely different then RZ. I sat in the corner about 11 rows up. The view was spectacular. The sound was spectacular. I think the new sound system and the visuals are best experienced in the upper level and you don't need to sit center stage. Just avoid the ends of the arena-Worthless. I think you can spend a $100 for decent seats.
  9. mattgarcia71

    Red Zone experiences?

    Personally if you want to wait in line then rush the stage and sit there through the entire concert then you deserve to get the best views on the rail as the GA people do. I'll admit I was a little disappointed with the RZ layout. But I am not getting there early to sit in one spot the whole night. I was at the San Jose show in the upper level. The RZ was sparsely populated - everyone was up along the stage and catwalk with GA. It was different then RZ in 360. At least in RZ 360 you had a front stage position even if it was on the side. Still I like the fact that you can go chill out in the Red Zone for a bit then move through the unwashed as you please. Looking forward to LA.
  10. mattgarcia71

    Red Zone experiences?

    Finally...Now that is some good info!!!Thanks ddaroch and lwood. Those were great suggestions and tips.
  11. mattgarcia71

    Red Zone experiences?

    Yeah I don't know Mike. You're probably right. I am just hypothesizing here. Some of the pictures I saw from RZ'ers were a distance from the stage. I guess it all depends how early you get there and get set up on the rail. It just seems like the band closes the distance to the fans on the E stage. And in reference to my earlier question. Unless I missed it I did not read from any earlier post where someone who actually physically went to the concert in Vancouveranswered with an absolute confirmation that you had access to RZ and GA.
  12. mattgarcia71

    Red Zone experiences?

    I sense your sharing my frustration Laura? Many people are guessing or assuming based on past experiences that you can move in and out of RZ. HA....has anyone actually physically done this in the first two shows? Based on what I have seen it might be actually better to post up at the E stage then go in the RZ. Seems like you get a lot closer to the band at that end. But I like to move around. You can't cage me!
  13. mattgarcia71

    Red Zone experiences?

    So the big question has still yet to be answered which I think will resolve many worries here: Can you leave the Red Zone to go into GA? At the 360 tour you could go in and out of the red zone which gave you access to the entire stage.
  14. mattgarcia71

    LA Hotel Pre Party/Shuttle

    Looking to book a hotel in LA for May 30th concert. Where are all the U2 fans staying and does anyone know a hotel that is offering shuttle service to the concert? Thanks