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  1. I've entered today here, as I'm checking my mailing list everyday hoping to see the news of new dates for Barcelona... So afraid that it may not happen... On tuesday, I tried for 2 hours and a half and this was the result: they virtual queue let me into the system, let me introduce my bank account data BUT threw me away after that... I tried with two different computers (not at the same time as they suggested), two different operating systems, with different web browsers, even with different credit cards (assuming that the problem was mine!...). 4 complete tries after, I had NO LUCK. I'm so sad I'm not going to be able to go to this concert... Why is there even a "virtual queue" if when I'm paying the system kicks me out? What's the sense of all of this if when I'm waiting, the minutes increase instead of what they're suppose to do... Ticketmaster, despite charging a good amount of euros per ticket, they DO NOT DO A GOOD JOB offering a reliable online service for customers. Their service should be much better prepared for such demanding events... So disappointed, even more after reading that people always try to make money with the resale of the tickets... -BIG SIGH-
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