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  1. Did anyone have luck getting Red Zone VIP yesterday? I didn't but I was thinking they would add more since they only allot a small amount per presale.
  2. GA working fine for me but I didn't see any Red Zone's which is what I wanted.
  3. Well the interactive map was available for Toronto but of course Red Zone wasn't there right from the beginning.....
  4. For this tour, based on the setup I'm thinking Red Zone is what I'll be doing. With 360 Tour and how they used nearly the entire stage it wasn't always the best view, but at least with this tour, there's only the catwalk, which at times will seem far away, but being against the barrier of the Red Zone will definitely play into still getting a good view.
  5. Possibly but it also could be more than that. Hopefully more info is announced regarding Red Zone tickets and pricing. Living in Seattle I may need to take in both Vancouver and Seattle's shows. Last tour the band was in Vancouver weeks before the tour rehearsing, so I have to assume they will be doing the same this tour. Red Zone for iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE was $390 in Montreal, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was.
  6. The stage setup looks interesting already!
  7. I think that basically your best option is that you show up and as they're letting people in, they'll scan your card and the tickets will then be printed out, and those people can go in, and get to the floor etc.
  8. Yeah I was a little disappointed to see this too, but someone said that they were able to pull them later in the day. Either way, I wish I was able to get them so I didn't have the feeling that I need to queue all day, but my floors are still good!
  9. Yes I understand, you're not understanding what I said. I did check and as I said that even before the general sale began the Red Zone was not an option nor did it become available during the sale, it was crossed out on both of the new dates.
  10. No--they hold back some tix for the general onsale, so at least some RZ were available for MTL today, I'm sure. Oh, and by the way, I snagged 1 RZ for Chicago 3 today, which I'm very happy about. Montreal's website has the available sections shown when you buy and Red Zone wasn't even selectable after the eXPERIENCE presale. Seems the only way you can still get them is through the Red Zone VIP package.
  11. They'll send you an itinerary to your e-mail about a week of so before the show. It'll give a time and location to meet. It's usually at the Galleria concourse between Union and the ACC. They'll ask you for a piece of ID and credit card used to purchase. then they'll take you all inside to for the dinner. Food is chosen by the artist I think, I've had really good meals (lasagna, steaks, sushi) and really bad (Miley Cyrus had hotdogs. No condiments other than ketchup and mustard, no sides, and no veggie option).
  12. Hoping for ones for Montreal, but they weren't even an option for the iNNOCENCE presale so I think they'll just be 'SOLD OUT' on general sale today.
  13. I read that Red Zone was $400, was that a mistake by the person who posted it? Evenko for Montreal has the prices for each location and it was listed at $84. OT: I like being GA especially getting as close as possible. Not sure if I'll queue all day for this show since its in the round.
  14. Got my 2 GA for the June 17th show!! I learned my lesson from trying to buy for Toronto and ended up with nothing, so I joined the iNNOCENCE fanclub and it paid off! I wish that Red Zone tickets were even available for the show.....sold out during the eXPERIENCE presale I suppose. Might try for the general to see if they add more. Either way, really excited I was in and out under 3 minutes and I get to go to my first concert in Montreal!
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