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  1. I’m not at all suggesting that other presales should be a better route than paid subscribers. I absolutely believe that paid subscribers should get presale advantage and even agree with the rule that puts people in day 2 group if their membership lapses. But let’s assume for the sake of discussion that there were no glitches and every paid subscriber got their access code. By making the limit 2 tickets, twice as many fans would have had the opportunity to buy during the presale. That was my main point. (And was huge for the fans who were able to get their first choice tix for the first time.) The problem is that there were glitches and, as you pointed out, means that some people had access to up to 6 tickets while some members had access to none. I hope those who were left out are able to get things resolved for the next presale wave and I’m in favor of giving them a head start of 10 or 15 minutes. But even not, all of us who used our code are no longer going to in the race But still assuming that the intention was for all diehard fans to have access to tickets during day 1 and 2, citi cardholder access was day 3 and 4. After the diehard fans. So I’m not upset that their deal was for ticket card members to have access after fans. It probably would have been more fair to make their limit 2 tix also though. My point is simply fans first in line without glitches and then U2 and LiveNation Should make whatever deal necessary that supports the business venture of putting on concerts.
  2. Citibank is a sponsor - which means they’re underwriting costs that they’ll recoup in terms of exposure and advertisement. And, new cardholders (I’m sure more than a few people signed up for a card just to get access to presale.). Would it be more tolerable if the sponsor was say, Costco? 2 tix for fan presale is likely designed to give more fans the opportunity to get tickets during presale. People in 2nd group have been complaining for years about all good presale tix being gone the first day. Cutting that in half, means twice as many fans get a chance.
  3. Please don’t assume that just because someone is in Innocence group they just signed up right before registration. Of course first dibs should go to people who didn’t have a lapse - but sometimes it happens. My annual renewal is in December so my lapse was only a few days. I’ve accepted the penalty of being in Innocence group for three tours now. In each of these instances, tickets were available on resale sites before Innocence presale even opened. That means there are some people in the first group who are buying and selling. Is it fair that a scalper who doesn’t let his membership lapse can buy tix before a fan in Innocence has the chance to buy? Nope - but how do you stop that? It’s never going to be perfect because there will be true fans caught up in the fray. But I’ll submit that there may be some folks in both groups (who are probably not commenting) that have an idea of why they weren’t sent codes. Important that the holes be fixed that resulted in true fans not getting codes so this doesn’t happen again. I am curious how so many people get GA tix for many shows in a tour, if they are sold out during presale and the limit is 2 or 4? I’ve accepted that I get one good show and general public choice for the rest - I’m clearly doing something wrong.
  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to the mods. While I did not encounter issues (I’m one of those in the Innocence penalty box for letting my membership lapse just before the cutoff date) I watched in awe as you seemingly tirelessly worked to help fellow fans. Proud to be part of a club with such fine people. Thanks!
  5. Just so I’m clear - if we use our 2 ticket limit code for a US show, we won’t have a presale code for European leg whenever those shows are announced and sold? sort of makes me feel the fans who used code for JT are being penalized. If had not gone to JT, could use that code for US tour, then renew for new code which could be used for new shows, including European shows??
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